Kitchen Renovations are Great, Especially When They’re Finished!

Follow these tips to ensure all aspects of a kitchen remodeling project are given thorough consideration from start to finish.
Previously, we discussed the important planning steps that go into preparing for such a kitchen remodeling project. Those include:

  • Considering level of use
  • Determining which appliances to include
  • Selecting a design
  • Budgeting for the project
  • Choosing a contractor

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This time, we are going to take things a little further and hopefully lay out some steps that will help you achieve that dream kitchen.

Make Sure You Get What You Want

From cabinets and counter tops to flooring, appliances and back splashes, every element of your kitchen design is a reflection of you. If you have specific materials and brand names in mind it is important to put in the leg work and place orders for the exact pieces you want.

From the big box stores to flooring and cabinet outlets, it may take some time looking at the different colors, patterns, features, etc., but finding and installing the elements you want will make the finished product that much nicer. If you are having trouble finding exactly what you want, ask your contractor. Sometimes they have industry contacts to help you get your hands on those hard to find items.

Do Some of the Demolition Yourself

With a pair of work gloves, safety goggles and couple of basic tools almost anyone can remove cabinets, disconnect faucet supply lines, take out a sink and pull down a soffit. Where to start depends on how soon the remodel stage of the project is going to start.

If you are still going to use the kitchen for a few more days right up to the start of (and perhaps during the work), it may not be good timing to remove old appliances just yet. Consider the timing of everything and then choose where to start. Cabinet doors and drawers are always an easy place to start.

  •  Locate anchors. To remove counter tops sometimes you have to find anchors or other hardware on the underside, inside the cabinet.
  • Turn off valves. Shut off the supply spigots to the kitchen faucet under the sink. If there are none you will have to turn off water supply to your home, but then use this opportunity to have kitchen spigot valves installed. Sinks are usually fastened and secured on the underside as well.
  • Use caution. If you are keeping the same flooring, be sure cover the work area with tarps.
  • Take it easy. Some heavier items, such as wall cabinets, are a two person job.

With a little help, time, effort and the right tools anyone can take a kitchen down to the studs, if necessary, but doing the demolition portion of the project yourself will save you money. Keep in mind, we recommend consulting with your remodeling contractor before beginning any demolition on your own as certain parts may require more care than others to maintain the structure and avoid any mishaps.

Get Out of the Way

Once your contractor gets started they can work most effectively if you are not constantly looking over their shoulder. Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t inspect the work at the end of the each day and discuss any questions or timeline issues each morning. However, getting in the way, even if you mean well, can create an unsafe work environment and be a dreadful waste of time.

Face it … you did your due diligence and selected a trusted and competent contractor; let them do the job you hired them to do. A contractor is only as good as their most recent project, and your referral is important so they are going to do a great job.

Once everything is completed do a final walk-through to ensure every last “punch list” item is completed before workers pack up and leave for the last time.

Let’s Recap

1. Do the leg work and order the materials and appliances you really want.
2. Save some money and do the demolition yourself.
3. Let your contractor do the job for which they were hired

When everything is said and done you will be left with a kitchen that not only looks great and enhances the time you spend in it, but will increase the value of your home.

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