A Jack and Jill bathroom is a shared bathroom that sits between two separate bedrooms. Both bedrooms have a door to access the shared bathroom. A Jack and Jill bathroom will have a single toilet, tub and shower, but could have two sinks and a double vanity.

Why Choose a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

There are plenty of reasons to choose this style of bathroom to make the most of your space with the privacy you need. Here are just a few considerations:

Gray and white bathroom

Add a double vanity to cut down on morning fights

A Shared Space

A Jack and Jill bathroom is perfect for kids learning to share. The experience can also help with time management and organization. Kids will learn to ensure each person gets the time they need to use the bathroom.

They’ll also be able to enjoy getting ready together in the shared space – brushing their teeth day to day or trying on clothes after a shopping trip. Sharing a space like this can help kids to bond and enjoy their time together.

his and her sinks with custom garbage hole in counter in master bathroom

Additional storage can help teach kids organization skills.


While allowing children to share, a Jack and Jill bathroom still allows for the privacy they will need as they grow older. The ability to lock the bedrooms and / or bathroom means that this design is also perfect for guests and adults.

modern white and blue master bathroom

Move the toilet behind a wall or in a water closet to allow for more privacy.


Who gets the bigger bedroom or bathroom can be a cause of dispute in households with multiple children. A Jack and Jill bathroom allows kids the luxury of a separate bathroom to the main house, and the equality of a same, shared space.

his and her vanities in master bathroom

Create the ultimate equal space with separate vanities and their own storage.


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