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Cathy and Jack D. - Naperville, IL

To begin, we want to express our appreciation for an overall excellent project. We have performed many remodeling projects in our homes over the years as we’ve moved around the country and can say without hesitation that this project has been a pleasant surprise. Also, your company’s service was far above that of a local competitor’s service on a project done four years ago at this same address. We do not give high ratings readily but can say with sincerity that on a rating scale of 0 to 100, we would give the performance on this project a 95 overall.

Project Design was outstanding. We appreciated being presented with very different design options at the onset, which helped us visualize what was possible. We also appreciate the fact that proposed designs leaned more toward upscale rather than ordinary. After the fact, there are a few minor things we might have done differently had we considered them, but we are very pleased with the result.

Interaction with Office Staff was exceptionally good. We were always treated respectfully and nearly immediate attention to each of our communications via phone, text, email, and in person. We were made to feel as if our project was the most important project you had going on.

Planning Department’s attention to detail and sequential scheduling of tradesmen was outstanding. To address each separately:

  1. The attention to detail was exceptionally good. Every tiny detail was there for our review.
  2. The scheduling of tradesmen was generally very good and we realize it is one of the more difficult things to nail down, given the need to get each independent tradesman lined up against competing schedules. There was one tradesman who had difficulty meeting the schedules and thus it resulted in some delays and required schedule changes as we went.

Superintendent’s management of tradesmen was truly exceptionally well done. Kurt W. performed his very difficult role about as well as it can be performed. He managed to continually modify schedules of tradespeople and deliveries of materials as needed, especially given one of the tradesman’s difficulty in sticking to schedules. In addition, Kurt went above and beyond the managing of tradespeople by performing quality checks as the project went on and by coming in and using his own workman’s skills to correct certain minor issues without needing to repeatedly call back the individual tradespeople for those small items. In any construction project, some issues are to be expected. One sign of an excellent superintendent is getting those issues addressed in a timely, high quality manner as was done. Kurt was very responsive to our questions and other direct communications with him; a true superstar.

Workmanship of tradesmen was good. Again, we think this is really two issues:

  1. The quality of work of all tradespeople was outstanding. We also appreciate the willingness of tradespeople to return when necessary to correct things. The electrician in particular had to deal with an odd issue which took time and effort to diagnose and successfully correct; but he did so in a courteous, patient, professional manner and with good humor about it.
  2. The second issue is timeliness. All but one of the trades performed timely and on schedule as far as we could tell. In fact, several of them willingly adjusted schedules as needed without any sign of complaint to us as clients. One of the trades, however had difficulty meeting schedules. The quality of work was high and the people were pleasant; however we observed that sometimes this tradesman and associate would simply fail to show up after stating that they would be there. The result is that the project’s completion was delayed. This one issue was the only negative of any significance in this project.

Turn-around time from start to finish was delayed but acceptable. Virtually every construction project we have undertaken has been delayed to some extent. So, some level of delay was expected by us. As best as we can determine, the driving force of the delay was due to one trade.

Debris control/personal property protection was done well. Prior to the project’s start, floor protection and multiple dust curtains were installed. When the project was complete, we were able to return things to normal with basic carpet cleaning, painting, dusting, touching up a few small-scratches and essentially normal maintenance. The tradesmen respected the property.

Aesthetic qualities/enhancements to our home were like night and day. We started with worn out cabinets and cracked flooring. We ended with new, high quality flooring, cabinets, lighting, etc.

So, to summarize, we are very pleased. As we stated earlier, the project overall was a pleasant surprise. As you know, we have now contracted with RHI for an additional, smaller project in our living room to commence in 2021. We would be happy to act as a reference if you have potential clients who wish to speak to existing customers.

Kareem & Dina K. - Naperville, IL

We are absolutely ecstatic about our new bathroom. We have so many good things to say about it. It’s been done for a couple weeks now, and Dina and I still say everyday how happy we are with how everything went. WE love the design of the makeup vanity and the AWESOME shower. I can’t get enough of the shower. Sharon was such a pleasure to work with. She was so so patient with us and she’s awesome at her job! Beth was also very professional and patient with us when we would forget to send the checks.

I loved how everything was planned as well. I was given a schedule of what would be done everyday and who was showing up and everything. That was so helpful to have because I could follow along and know who was coming and when. Everything basically stayed on schedule. Therefore the turnaround time was basically right on schedule, which is unbelievable in this industry. And all the tradesmen were great, especially Roberto and his son Roberto. Dave, Barry, and Dennis were also all very good.

Mike, Sharon, and Joe were also VERY patient with us. We had to make some changes and they were more than kind and understanding in fulfilling what we wanted.

Everyone that came into the house was very cognizant of being socially distant, wearing a mask, and making sure nothing in the house got damaged. Ray was awesome! He covered everything up and protected more than needed just to be safe. And he came back to remove and re-apply things after they became dirty. So nice and easy to work with.

And I can’t say enough good things about Mike C., our superintendent. What a pleasure to work with. He was the face of Reliable for us and he went ABOVE AND BEYOND for us. He always gave us daily progress reports and always answered all the questions we had. He worked with us and tried to make everything we want happen. He tried to always keep us happy and did things that wasn’t even in his job description. You can definitely feel that this is a family run business and their number one priority is that their customers are happy and they definitely fulfilled that priority with us. I don’t have anything bad to say about them. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone.

Van & Alice S. - Woodridge, IL

Dear Ms Ducato,

We would like to write to thank your company for our experience on the recent basement remodeling at our house in Woodridge, Illinois…Your design consultant, Dave Kamaris came and… measured everything, and by the time we met for your proposal, we had several from others, and it was clear yours was the most complete. When we agreed to go ahead with Reliable, we felt we knew what we were getting.

Your show room had samples of every option for our consideration, and the people had good ideas and recommendations…The final set of plans, were very detailed and complete, and prior to starting, we got a detailed schedule, with the anticipated day by day work we should expect, including the days for the various scheduled Village inspections. In short, before the work began, we felt we knew just what and when each aspect of the project would be done.

To a remarkable degree, the work proceeded as scheduled… Leo is a very nice person, and all of the tradesmen Reliable brought were outstanding. Everyone involved was professional and polite, and the workmanship was very good… Our project was completed within a few days of the original schedule. Each phase of the various required inspections was approved, without any exceptions. Even the Village inspector commented on how nice the project turned out.

Finally we would like to say how happy we are with the way the remodel turned out. The finished basement has been converted from an uncomfortable living space, to what now might be the nicest room in our house. I don’t know how we could be more satisfied and sure that we made the right choice using your company for this improvement. Thank you very much.

Karl & Kristen N. - Naperville, IL

Dear Reliable Team,

Karl and I would personally like to thank each member of your team involved in the renovation of our master bathroom. It has quickly become the favorite room in our house! From our welcoming by Mike Ducato in the showroom, our informative updates by Mike Campbell, the beautiful architecture and layout by Mark Landhauser and Sabah Ajami, the stunning design by Dina Kosiba, the setup and cleanup by Raymond and Matt, to the daily interactions with our supervisor Rick Kraber, we are beyond pleased with the service you have provided.

Mike Ducato challenged us from the beginning to think outside the box when it came to the design of the bathroom. We fully trusted his instinct and were thrilled with his initial drawing of our completely rearranged, highly functional and spacious bathroom. From there, Mark and Sabah took those ideas and made the plans for our dream bathroom.

Dina Kosiba listened to what Karl and I had hoped for as far as aesthetics were concerned. In a very short time, she had pulled samples of exactly what we were looking for. She was always available for a design question/concern. We could not be happier with how the design turned out!

Mike Campbell was very informative with updates, scheduling of different phases and the start of the project.

I do not envy the task Rick Kraber has to take on every day. Managing multiple trades on multiple projects with homeowners constantly feeling like their project should be top priority. To say every single step of our renovation went absolutely perfect would be a lie; however, Rick handled every glitch timely and professionally. He even returned and hand delivered tile that had been ordered incorrectly to ensure the job remained on schedule. I am thankful we had the opportunity to work with Rick, and would request him for our next project.

Since this is our first ever home renovation, it is hard for us to speak on the workmanship of all the trades. I would like to point out two of the best tradesmen on the project. Dave, from JT Construction, was excellent. He was always on time, worked very efficiently, and always cleaned up after himself. His carpentry skills are excellent. The second tradesmen we would like to acknowledge are Salto tile. We had a large tile job with floor to ceiling tile throughout our 7 foot shower and it turned out even better than we could have hoped for. They are a very professional and pleasant father and son team.

Turn around time for our project was as projected, and we are pleased with the time frame.

Raymond and Matt did an outstanding job protecting our home from damage. At least once a week, one or both would stop in to make sure the protective sheets/tarps were still intact and that we were taken care of. Their friendly personalities were pleasant to interact with. They did a fantastic job of cleaning up after the project was complete.

Our master bathroom is even better than we could have imagined. Not only is it beautiful, it is way more functional. After seeing what can be done through Reliable, we are brainstorming our next big project. We truly look forward to working with you again.

Deborah & Brian K. - Naperville, IL

August 18, 2017

Dear Tony,

Now that our remodel project is complete, we wanted to take a moment and let you know how incredibly pleased we are with the work you and the entire team at Reliable did at our home.

From the initial meeting the attention to detail and the quality of the work throughout the entire remodel has been outstanding! Reliable’s methodical and thoughtful approach has exceeded our expectations. Our excitement started when we saw the initial drawings of the design and continued as we watched the progress each week. We were impressed by each of the tradesmen that Reliable worked with to complete the project. When issues did come up with solutions were thought out and performed in a timely manner to keep the project on task. The cleanliness of the team was also impressive. We were able to live in the house the entire time.

If we ever need another remodel project done, we would not hesitate to call you and the Reliable team to execute the job. We are very thankful that Reliable performed our remodel of our entire first floor and front of our home. It is absolutely beautiful and has truly exceeded our expectations.

Mark and Kathy B.


Mark and I want to write and thank you for all the hard work and expertise as we planned our new kitchen, master bath and sunroom addition. We are in the decorating phase now, and by October 1st, hope to have it fully decorated. It’s FABULOUS! We love it so, so much. We’ve had family, friends and neighbors in to tour the new space. They’ve raved about it, and we’ve raved about Reliable staff and contractors!

As we told you when we first sat down last summer, we have had bad experiences with contractors in the past. So much so, we’ve put off this much-needed remodeling because we just didn’t want to deal with contractor problems yet again. And then we found Reliable, and we began to relax after our first or second meeting. I had hope things could actually proceed as planned and on a timeline we all agreed to.

From the initial concept drawings, to the a/e design, to the home visits by your planning/architectural team, to the scheduling of the trades to the sign-off of the changes to the plans even prior to beginning, the Reliable team was fabulous – helpful, friendly, patient, expert in various areas. In short, we felt all along that we were in experienced hands with a family-owned business where people truly cared and were conscientious about trying to meet our every desire for the space, even when we weren’t entirely sure what our desire was.

The trades Reliable brought in were fabulous. They showed up early and on time, worked hard, finished many times before the scheduled time and did excellent work. So much so, that we were ahead of the GANT chart schedule we received for the construction side of the project much of the time. When we ran into small issues with piping and things behind the walls that couldn’t be seen until the walls were gutted, Reliable and the contractors notified us immediately and provided us with reasonable and rapid solutions to any issue that arose.

In short, Reliable finished the project on-time and on-budget. And we feel like we have a brand new home! Virtually all of our living space has been improved, renovated and rejuvenated, and we have an absolutely fabulous sun room addition!

We’ve already recommended Reliable to several of our neighbors and friends, and stand ready to provide any future Reliable customers with our feedback on our project. I will never hunt for another contractor again. In the future, whether Reliable does the work or not, I’m calling to find out who you recommend.

Words cannot adequately express our gratitude...

Mark and Paula G.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Reliable Home Improvement for our recent remodeling and construction project. We purchased a condominium in 2016 and we asked 3 builders to visit our condominium and discuss our thoughts on what we’d like in a finished product. Out of the 3 builders, Reliable (Tony Ducato) was the most impressive to us. We had been referred to Reliable Builders from friends we knew in our neighborhood and we knew they were very pleased with the work they had done.

We were very impressed with the concepts and design we were presented with from Tony and the design team that put our initial concept drawings together. We could really begin to imagine how beautiful our new condominium could look in the future. The attention to detail throughout the planning phase was extremely thorough and no detail was omitted. It really helped once the construction phase started so that we really had a fairly good idea of what to expect. We especially liked that Reliable had a fairly extensive showroom which helped us pick out all the selection of kitchen and bathroom tile, cabinets, hardware, etc.

The operations department was very helpful in keeping me informed along the way on our permits, and overall scheduling of when our project would start. Mike Campbell and Mike Strom were very helpful and accommodating throughout the early stages of preparing for construction. They were very patient with my frequent calls to see how the detailed plans, approvals across the departments at Reliable were coming along, and Bill Bowen was flexible as we continued to figure out the many details and changes to the final blueprints.

We had a final review of the project with our superintendent – Dan Zimmerman – prior to the start of construction so that we could have any final questions answered. A project that was as significant as ours is a challenging endeavor and we certainly wanted everything to turn out to be of high quality. Dan was excellent to work with. He managed all the tradesmen and companies very well and worked with us on our construction of other work being done by outside companies (flooring, painting, and low voltage/home entertainment system). The project itself stayed on plan, and if anything might impact the plan, Dan was on top of it and would contact us to discuss. As any challenge would appear throughout the remodel, Dan was working with us to figure out alternatives. He was honest and he would suggest things to us that he felt might work better as we were in the midst of construction. The overall workmanship was outstanding and Dan made sure that the quality of work lived up to the reputation of Reliable Builders.

The outcome was perfect. We are so pleased with how our new home looks and we have Reliable Builders to thank for this.

Marti and Jim S.

Dear Ms. Ducato,

We love our new bathroom. The Reliable staff listened to what we wanted. Sabah came up with perfect design and Dina helped us make good decorating choices. Everyone on the Reliable staff that we came in contact with was professional, friendly, helpful and prompt in addressing any questions or concerns we had. The spreadsheet with the schedule was a real asset. The trades stuck to it for the most part and all inspections were completed in a timely manner so there were no delays. The bathroom was complete on time to the date.

Having a superintendent assigned to the project was another plus. Matt did a great job. He was onsite on a regular basis and responded to our texts when he was needed elsewhere. He listened to every concern and took care of each issue. If we do another project with Reliable we would definitely want him on the job.
Workmanship was topnotch…plumbing, carpentry, shower glass doors. We especially like the tower and the shower. The tilework needs to be singles out. It is perfect. Esteban and his son are beyond being tradesmen. They’re true artisans. They not only do outstanding work, they truly want the customer to be happy. You are fortunate to have them as part of your team.

We did have an issue early on with the positioning of the dumpster. I asked if it could be so I could get in and out of the garage. Not only was it taken care of, it was done the same day as my request.
We’re amazed at what could be done in a small space. The bathroom is beautiful and a wonderful addition to our home. We will not hesitate to recommend Reliable.

Cathie and Mike N.

Mike, Rick, Matt and everyone else at Reliable:

Mike and I couldn’t be more pleased with the beautiful remodel on our kitchen!! I always loved to cook, now I’m just in heaven with a well-planned workspace!

From the time last July when we came in off the street to your showroom, we had a gut feeling your company was above par and trustworthy.

We were amazed how Mike Ducato could be in our kitchen a short time and immediately envision a rough idea of changes. Saba is an incredible architect; she brought his ideas to life. Mike and I are so challenged in the décor aspect, thank goodness for Delma’s help!

Any remodel is stressful; ours was elevated with Mike being hospitalized and during the project. One thing I didn’t have to worry about was the remodel – Rick and Matt had it all under control. I didn’t have to give a second thought. You don’t know how valuable that was!

And your company was so kind and caring by sending Mike a delicious Edible Arrangement. I doubt any other company would do that.

You guys went above and beyond for helping us get our refrigerator into the door. Mike can’t lift and I’d never be able to manage alone. There were countless other small things you did for us too!

It was wonderful having the project timeline; we always knew who was coming and what was happening. The communication binder is excellent! Your company is very proactive and we appreciate that.

Every project runs into some kind of snag – Rich was always there and available to deal with things.

After we recover mentally and financially, we’ll definitely be calling you to remodel our other rooms & bathrooms!

Thanks for everything!

April & Lynn G.

To our friends at Reliable,

We are happy to express extreme satisfaction with our entire experience with your company’s remodel of our master bathroom. From our first meeting with Tony to our final inspection, we always felt that our remodel was in good hands. We were relieved to have assistance choosing our design and our finishes and your design staff was very patient and helpful. Everyone who came to our door to work was pleasant, courteous and, most of all knowledgeable.

Our job superintendent, Mike Strom, always had everything under control and any problems that came up were swiftly dealt with. Special kudos to Esteban, our tile guy—he is an artist!

We have already recommended Reliable to several passersby and will most certainly continue to do so.

Gladys C.

Dear Mr. Ducato,

This recent project, a new designer kitchen, is the third project Reliable has completed for me. You could say my home is now more “Reliable” than anything else.

I returned to Reliable for my kitchen because of the excellent work and satisfaction I received with the first two projects. In fact, some of the contractors had worked on my home earlier.

Other than a “bumpy start” with the plumber not arriving either on schedule or when he told me he would, the project went smoothly. In retrospect, I realize no one is perfect, nor should I expect them to be.

I love my new kitchen, and all who see it are awestruck. The products used are wonderful and the workmanship is excellent.

If I ever meet anyone who is thinking of a new kitchen, and has the money, I would not hesitate to recommend Reliable.

Thank you for adding a new dimension to the home I love so much.

David & Lynn B. - River Forest

We contacted Reliable Home Improvement to gut and remodel both our kitchen and master bathroom in our home in River Forest. We had prior experience with them on two projects in our house in Wheaton: Building a two story addition (family room and master bedroom/bathroom) in 1989 and remodeling 2 ½ bathrooms in 1994. We were very satisfied with the work done on our Wheaton house, which is the reason we went with Reliable on the River Forest project.

We are extremely pleased with the materials we selected. The cabinets and kitchen counter top exceeded our expectations. The development of the plans and the final choices of layouts met our needs. As with any project, issues will arise and the Reliable team did resolve them to our satisfaction. We appreciated that Reliable handled everything from permits to clean up and coordinating the tradesmen.

We are satisfied with the work the tradesmen did and again, any issues were resolved to our satisfaction. We are very pleased with the tile work done by Raul and the kitchen granite work done by Granite Express. The Romar cabinets are gorgeous. The kitchen lighting done by Little Electric came out better than expected.

One person who truly stepped up was Rick Kraber, our Project Superintendent. He was always available by cell and was on the job on a regular basis. I trusted him to keep the job moving and resolve the issues which he did every time. Rick made a difference.

In summary, we are very pleased with the results and recommend Reliable Home Improvement as they will get the job done right.

Brad & Geri B

To the entire Reliable Team,

We can’t thank you enough for our beautiful kitchen and family nook. We had all our kids over for dinner last night and it was wonderful to have room for everyone.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already since you finished the work. Your quality of workmanship is outstanding. I was a little nervous when we started because I work at home, but honestly, it was not disruptive at all. All your employees and contractors were so nice and professional and everyone stuck to the schedule.

Thanks again

Mike and Annette T.

Dear Ms. Ducato,

We are writing to tell you how happy we are with our new kitchen and wood flooring. Every day we use the kitchen and find something that we like even more. We recently had a graduation party over the Memorial Day weekend and we received countless compliments on the overall design and quality of the cabinets, counters and backsplash.

Overall, the entire process, from planning to the final walk through went as planned. We were initially apprehensive as to the level of detail that went into planning, the drawings and the site visit. In the end, we realized how important they were; we had pipes in our soffit and in one of the pantry walls. Without the careful and methodical planning, our new island would not fit properly in front of our refrigerator.

The in house design was very helpful in selecting the various color combinations. The appliance dealer you recommended was awesome! As we said before, we received many compliments in the overall design and look of the kitchen.

We were even happier with all the tradesmen, and the superintendents on the job, Matt and Rick. All the trades from demolition to the final dumpster pick up were professional and courteous. They went out of their way to make sure they did the job right; even making sure that the grout was the correct color. They did not just slap up the work to get it done and move on. They cleaned up every night and locked the door on their way out. We had complete faith in them. Every one of them did great work; they were a really great bunch of guys!!

The superintendents, Matt and Rick, did a great job quarterbacking the overall project. They went over the schedule with us, worked through some minor bumps to our complete satisfaction and treated our house project like it was their own. They were very responsive to all of our concerns, communicated very well with us and never left us in the dark. We spent a lot of time with them, they were a tremendous asset to the whole project, and really made our decision to use Reliable well worth it. Thanks guys!!

In closing, we would like to thank the whole Reliable family, how happy we were with the project. From that first meeting with Mike in our old kitchen to the completion of the punch list with Rick and Matt in our new kitchen, we were very satisfied and impressed with everyone we worked with. We whole heartedly would use you again and recommend you to anyone interested in doing a project like ours. Great job and thanks to all!!!

Suzanne L. - Warrenville, IL

When a recent guest in my home said that she could not tell where the new master bedroom addition began and the original house ended, I realized that my desire to build a seamless addition had been met. Several of my neighbors have dropped by to tell me how lovely the house looks and how much they love the new porch.

These comments make me so happy to have selected Reliable for the master bedroom suite. In Anthony Ducato's original interview, he asked all the right questions to capture my thoughts and preferences for my home. The initial design drawings took my breath away and convinced me that my home would be enhanced by this room addition. My changes to the initial design were handled quickly and professionally. If my requests needed to be adjusted, I was given a complete explanation. I appreciated these informative meetings.

I also appreciated Michael Strom's management of our project. I believe he created high expectations for all of the tradesmen and those expectations were met. From the day the dust wall was installed to the final adjustment of the cabinetry in the master bath, I felt that every inch of our project was under control. Due to the bitter cold winter, the project did extend beyond the original completion date. Michael came by everyday that the tradesmen were working on my house, he kept me informed of the progress and the future stages of the building. I especially want to thank Michael for the respect and courtesy he extended to my husband Raymond, who was extremely ill during this project.

I highly recommend Reliable Home Improvement for their professional design staff, their wide selection of materials, their choice of subcontractors, and YES, their Reliability in doing exactly what they promised to do.

Judy & Weldon - Glen Ellyn, IL

We have completed another home improvement project at our Glen Ellyn home thanks to Reliable Home Improvement, Inc. This is just a brief note of thanks and appreciation for your company's services, craftsmanship and diligence in exceeding the successful expectations for our remodeling project.

You know that there are many companies that can offer such project design and management but fall short in the delivery. Reliable has developed the tools and criteria for assurance of not only quality but customer satisfaction that is becoming rare in today's construction business environment. There seems no hesitation in your staff to assure your customers are completely satisfied. Your expertly experienced supervisory and craftsman personnel seem shrewdly intuitive to sense solutions to an unexpected developments. If we once again seem pleased with the outcomes, be assured.

Our best to Reliable and its family.

John & Melissa - Wheaton, IL

We Have Never Been So Impressed With a Company Than We Have Been With Reliable — They Cleaned Daily and Finished our Basement on Time!

David & Amy S. - Glen Ellyn, IL

We are extremely delighted with how smoothly the entire construction process flowed from start to finish. The entire Reliable staff and team demonstrated the utmost professionalism in every detail of our addition. And most importantly, the project was completed on time!

Don & Becky J. - Downers Grove, IL

Our new home (because it is almost entirely new) is absolutely beautiful, and we are so glad that we chose Reliable Home Improvement as our contractors. The care and craftsmanship that you brought to our project have made this the best investment we ever made. Thank you all for a job that was very well done!!!!!

David & Vivian T. - Naperville, IL

I would like to thank you for the excellent job your company did with our room addition. Both my husband and I heard horror stories about others who had remodeling done, but your company was great!

Ed & Marsha W. - Oakbrook, IL

Having built two houses and remodeled 3 kitchens in the past, our experience with your company was by far the most professional, pleasing experience we have had in construction and remodeling. It is refreshing to know that firms such as yours are around. We wish we had known Reliable 20 years ago.

Nick & Marge B. - Wheaton, IL

I would like to take this opportunity to commend your company on the home improvement. This is not just a remodeling job, but as one of my friends suggested, a new home. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with your whole system of scheduling (and keeping close to that schedule), the cleanliness of the job site, the completion of the project as stated, and the attention to detail. My family, as well as neighbors, were even more impressed.

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