Design-Build Process

Residential Design-Build Process

Seemlessly Integrated Designs

There are many decisions to make when designing a new space for your home. Your home is a valuable asset and if you decide to add a home addition or re-design your kitchen, bathroom remodel or design a custom basement or wine cellar; you should understand the complexity of your home’s structure before you hire the wrong guy or company. Many homeowners believe they can re-create the perfect room or new addition in their existing residence, because they see that perfect picture in a magazine. But those homes belong to someone else and we understand in the West Suburbs, that each neighborhood and town is different. Every neighborhood is built differently, and every home has its own structure and unique traits or features. you purchased the home as is. Our process is intended to create designs that mesh with YOUR style, YOUR home, and YOUR needs for a space that looks like it has always been a part of your house.

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Our Design-Build Process

Our expert, in-house design team and construction experts are experienced in creating a wide variety of homes and structures, designs, and styles. Our design-build process will take your ideas and transform them into the reality you desire for yourself and your family. Plus, our experience and efficiency lead to a planned and scheduled process that is fast and on-time for your new home addition or remodeling project.


Step 1


Our process begins when we sit down with you to get a full understanding of the entire project, from your dream to potential obstacles, your needs to your budget. This step allows us to create designs that become seamlessly integrated with your home, both inside and out. Our design professionals understand the local building codes, permit requirements, latest trends in the industry and countless details that go into designing a new project.

Step 2

Conceptual Design

From the design table, your new home addition project goes to our talented team of in-house architects and builders who will move your concept forward to construction, ensuring safety and integrity at every step. Because all of our staff is comprised of in-house, full-time employees, we have greater control over the quality and end result. Just as our designers work closely with our clients, so do our architects and builders. You can trust our entire team to work together toward completing your project – on time, on budget, and to specification.


Step 3

Design-Build Process

The design and architecture is an important part of the project. We also employ project superintendents to manage every step of the design-build process for the homeowner, so you can be informed of when the tradesmen and construction crews will be in your home. The quality of construction and craftsmanship is very important to our reputation as a high-quality design-build firm, so we hire only the best tradesmen in the area and ensure the final results will meet or exceed your expectations.

Step 4

Your Completed Home Renovation!

Every home has its own features and character that will be assessed during our planning stages so there are few to no surprises when the build process starts. Our quality in the finished product is backed by a 7-year limited warranty that we have stood behind for over 55 years! When you need expert design and professional builders, you can count on Reliable.

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