Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling: Create Your Dream

We have spent more than 50 years building and remodeling bathrooms in the Chicagoland area. Whether your bathroom remodeling project is big or small, your budget large or limited, we can provide you with a solution that will have you feeling proud of your home…and proud of your choice to work with Reliable Home Improvement.

Whether you come to us with few ideas or an entire notebook of thoughts and sketches, we will guide you through the process of designing the bathroom of your dreams. We are well versed in the latest designs and construction, and can offer suggestions that help you get the most value for your investment and satisfy the needs of your lifestyle. With our product knowledge and craftsmanship, we understand how all elements work together to deliver the kind of environment and space you desire and have dreamed of.

At Reliable Home Improvement, we pride ourselves on our ability to complete projects quickly and efficiently. Our completion times have been documented at up to 33% faster than our competitors. When you work with Reliable Home Improvement, bathrooms can be designed and installed with minimal disruption to your daily activities – eliminating the frustration of lengthy projects.

We offer a full-service customer experience like none other. Your ideas are the springboard for starting your bathroom renovation. Let’s discuss your needs and see how we can design and create the bathroom you have always dreamed of.


Our Process

No matter which project we undertake, our process is the same - Based on attentive, competitive and superb customer service.




First, we find out more about your project and provide a customized quote. You will find that we are competitive in the area. When you factor in our short turnaround time, our value is even more evident - Just ask for references to hear from our valued customers.




Use our 15,000 square-foot showroom to inspire your imagination and spark new ideas. Then, our in-house architectural and planning department will utilize the latest in computer technology, including 3D renderings and designs, to create your ideal project and let you see what it is like before construction starts.




Once your design is in place, we make sure that the disruption to your everyday life is minimal. We use a flow chart and scheduling system that is truly unique. The result is that your project is completed in a matter of weeks instead of months, with the quality you deserve.




See your project come to life! Once we begin renovations, our tradesmen are all scheduled to be there every day, barring bad weather. These seasoned professionals take great pride in their work and pay attention to the smallest detail. The result is efficient, high-quality services from a reliable company.

Servicing the Western and Southwestern Suburbs of Chicago

For over 50 years, Reliable Home Improvement has been creating beautiful homes by adding custom room additions, renovating bathrooms, remodeling kitchens, and finishing basements. We continue to remodel homes in the Chicagoland suburbs. The communities we serve include the ones listed below.


At Reliable Home Improvement, we can help you realize what’s at the heart of your kitchen remodeling dreams. We have helped hundreds of customers in the Chicagoland area transform their existing kitchens into personalized cooking and entertaining spaces that cater to their habits, needs, style and budget. We make kitchens match the individual needs of each customer – from floor to ceiling, from wall to wall, from family to family.


Design Gallery & Showroom

For your convenience, we have constructed one of the largest and most comprehensive kitchen and bath design showrooms in the western suburbs of Chicago, that is open to the public during. This is the place for hi-end kitchen and bath showroom ideas that will give you the opportunity to walk through numerous full size kitchen showroom displays and bath showroom displays.

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