In need of a home addition? This is one challenge that’s worth doing right. Read on for our top tips for success!

Have a Clear Vision

Ensure you have a clear vision for your new addition before work begins. Consider what you want and need from your addition. What will this new living space be for? A home addition can give you space for so much – a spare bedroom, a family room, a space to work or play. Whether you’re longing for a home gym or bar area, need a space for guests or in-laws, a new addition can help you perfect your home, but knowing what you need is key.  How will this new space improve your quality of life?

Budget and Plan

Ensuring you budget and plan for a home addition in advance is essential. This is a costly investment, so it’s important you are prepared financially and have some room for maneuver should unforeseen circumstances arise. As part of the planning stage, gather any documentation you may need, including plot plans and permits if necessary.

Carefully planning is the first step to getting the home you want.

Be Realistic

Once you’re done dreaming of everything your home addition could be, pin down the idea you’re sticking with, and work on making that plan a reality. Once you know what you want and need, and have compromised between the two, don’t let your plans expand. Be realistic to stay within budget and keep your expectations grounded.


Choose Materials Wisely

When it comes to making aesthetic decisions it’s easy to get carried away browsing Pinterest and Instagram for that perfect look. However, if you’re looking to extend your home, there are some limitations it may be wise to adhere to. Most homeowners prefer to choose materials that blend in and match the original structure of their home.

Ensure your materials are congruent with your current home.

Speak to your Neighbors

A home addition goes beyond a remodel, and may affect those in homes around your own. If you do think that noise or disruption will affect your neighbors, it might be worth giving them a heads up as to when work will take place. If they have any concerns, you can then work to address these and possibly mitigate any potential problems before they occur.


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