Give Dad a Gift He’ll Love this Father’s Day

Getting Dad a whacky tie for Father’s Day can always be your back-up plan, why not create a space that he can enjoy for years to come.  Here are a few ideas for great remodeling projects to give Dad the ultimate Father’s Day gift.

Basement to Man Cave

Basements automatically lend themselves to the perfect oasis for Dad to relax in. Rework this often unused space to create a unique and usable additional living area. Some of the top trends for basement remodels to create the perfect man cave include:


  • A Basement Bar: The essential man-cave accessory is the basement bar. Fit out your basement with a wet bar where Dad can practice his bartending skills and serve up drinks.
  • The Media Room: No basement is complete without the perfect spot to catch the big game or cozy up to watch the newest movie. Comfy seats and a great sound system provide Dad with a great space to relax or entertain.
  • Don’t Overlook Flooring: Basements tend to be a haven for humidity and moisture not to mention the threat of flooding. Be sure to select a flooring that is sustainable in these conditions. 

Grill Up in an Outdoor Kitchen

If Dad is most at home behind the grill, consider creating a designated grilling area with an outdoor kitchen.  Built-in grill, sink, even fridge space can transform the backyard to a griller’s paradise.


  • Weatherproof cabinets and countertops: The key to the outdoor kitchen is to make sure everything is weatherproof to withstand the elements. Today, there is a whole host of weatherproof materials including stainless steel which is resistant to rot and insects.
  • Fire Pits: Extend the outdoor kitchen to include a fire pit for summer nights perfect for roasting marshmallows for S’mores.
  • Dining Alfresco: Gather up the family to chow down on Dad’s grill creations with a table big enough to eat outside. Be sure to have an umbrella to provide shade against the hot summer sun.

Gorgeous Garages

Garages can be so much more than the place we store our cars, lawnmowers, tools, and whatever else ends up collecting dust out there.


  • Organization is Key: Pegboards and cabinets provide organization to the chaos caused by tools, sports equipment, and even bulk pantry items.
  • Update the Flooring: Create a more polished look to your garage by updating the flooring. Gone is the rough unfinished look of concrete. Now create a sleek look with floor coating that can even be eco-friendly.
  • Optimize the Space: If you have extra space in the garage, consider adapting that space as a hobby room or workshop area for Dad to work on projects.


While Dad will love whatever you give him for Father’s Day, consider creating a purposeful space he can enjoy with the whole family.

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