Understanding when to start a remodeling project is much more than a seasonal decision. While the summertime is usually the most popular time to undertake a big project, there are many more factors to consider and weigh when starting a remodel project.

Spring and Summer

Many people wait to start their remodeling projects until the spring or summertime. While the weather is typically better and you may have a bit more financial flexibility due to tax returns, this can actually be a busy time for contractors. Additionally, material costs may be higher due to the high demand.

If you are looking to start your remodel project in the spring or summer, make sure to plan ahead. Purchasing materials earlier can help ensure that the material doesn’t go out of stock when you need it causing large delays in your project.

Winter Months

Many people avoid starting remodeling projects in the winter mainly due to the cold temperatures and unpredictable weather. However, planning a remodel project in the winter might be a good financial investment. You are looking at a slower time for contractors and prices for materials may be slightly cheaper than in the popular summer months. Purchasing products and conducting the upfront planning during the winter months can help the project get off to a good start come the warmer months.


If often pays to be a little proactive. Therefore, starting to plan your remodeling projects a few months ahead of time may pay off in the long run. You’ll stay ahead of the curve and not be competing with other projects for the contractor’s attention.

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