Kitchen islands and the progression of modern kitchen island designs have been a popular staple for the past few years in kitchen renovations. As kitchen island remodel trends have grown, so has the desire to incorporate islands into larger spaces and open concept floor plans. In fact, kitchen islands have been one of the most requested features in a new kitchen.

Not every kitchen is equipped for an island or even needs one. When remodeling your kitchen, deciding whether or not to add an island to a kitchen can be a critical question. If you choose a kitchen island remodel, you will want to ensure your project is put to good use.

The home renovation experts at Reliable Home Improvement can assist you with your decision. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of a kitchen island and how a kitchen island remodel can meet your needs.

Why have a Kitchen Island?

Functionality is the main benefit of having a kitchen island. It can be used as a prep station, cooktop, serving area, and for storage space.

Many clients create a list of kitchen remodel ideas with an island in mind. For example, some people house their stovetop on an island or move their sink to the island to increase counter space. Adding a bar top edge to one side can be coupled with kitchen island seating, creating a new place to eat, drink, and relax. You can even create a nook for your microwave within the island. When thinking about why to have a kitchen island at your home, consider how you will find it most functional to your kitchen.

The Reliable Home Improvement team can guide you through the kitchen island design and build process, providing you with everything you need to make the best decision for your space.

Islands can be a great place to add stools for in-kitchen dining

Measure, Measure, Measure Again

Before beginning any demolition or installation for your kitchen island remodel, make sure to take careful measurements of the island footprint. You want the island to be large enough to be functional while comfortably fitting your product and any seating, accessories, or décor within the kitchen space.

Tips for measuring when adding a kitchen island:

  • Ensure the refrigerator doors can fully open.
  • Check that all cabinets and the dishwasher can be properly opened.
  • Give people plenty of room to easily maneuver around the island.
  • Determine whether overhead lighting will be at a comfortable height.

On the other hand, creating an island that is too small can also be an issue. Ensure there is enough storage space, prep space, and dining space, based on your functionality goals.

Ensure there is plenty of space to maneuver around the island, while also planning to cover enough area.

Add Electricity to Your Kitchen Island Design

If you are using an island for prep space, make sure you have a built-in electrical outlet installed by a professional.

Electrical kitchen islands are cooking essentials. With electricity, you can easily plug in your mixer, blender, or other small appliance directly at the island, without having to use an extension cord or moving your appliance to another area.

If you are adding a cooktop or sink, it is also critical to make sure your plumbing and gas are properly set up as well.

Create a focal point with a contrasting cabinet color and countertop

Find Your Perfect Focal Point

One of the many benefits of a kitchen island has nothing to do with functionality, but rather its ability to be a visual focal point in your home.

You can use the kitchen space, particularly the kitchen island, to add a pop of color.

For example, many kitchen island designs incorporate a beautiful stone, laminate, or tile countertop to a contrasting cabinet color, creating a dynamic appearance.

Others may add texture through a unique countertop pattern or by placing decorative pieces of the counter, such as:

  • Place settings
  • Odds and ends
  • Bowls, vases, plants

Additionally, you can incorporate numerous types of overhead lighting with interesting pendant lights, or by adding a custom vent hood if you have your cooktop on the island.

Not sure where to start? Find inspiration for your kitchen island focal point by browsing the numerous selections on display in our kitchen showroom.

Kitchen Island Remodel Experts

Kitchen islands can bring additional functionality and visual appeal to a kitchen remodel. While a kitchen island may not be the right fit for every space, it is often an outstanding selection that can be enjoyed for cooking, eating, storage, and time spent with family.

Consider the space in the kitchen and the exact function you want from the island or even consider a larger product like a peninsula, depending on your needs. For assistance with your ideas and to get started on a kitchen island remodel, contact the design and build experts at Reliable Home Improvement or call 630-579-6600.

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