Lombard Home Remodeling

Lombard Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling in Lombard

For over 50 years, the Reliable Home Improvement team has been renovating homes across the Chicagoland area.

The village of Lombard, a suburb of Chicago located in DuPage County, is home to approximately 43,797 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The U.S Census Bureau also recorded the owner-occupied housing rate as being at 73.8%, and the median value of owner occupied homes at $275,000.

If you live in Lombard, Glen Ellyn, Oakbrook or Downers Grove, we are your local home improvement team! Based in Naperville, we are dedicated to serving our Chicagoland neighbors with kitchen and bathroom remodeling, custom home additions and basement finishing.


House Remodeling Services Available in Lombard:

Our full-time in-house employees will work alongside you every step of the way, with full awareness of the vision you have for your home. We handle all aspects of the project, so every team member working on your home will know exactly what you’re planning to achieve.

Our Remodeling Services Include:

  • Architectural planning

  • Consultation, planning and scheduling services

  • Custom design services

  • Building and construction

  • Full-service remodeling

We serve the entire Western Suburbs of Chicagoland, completing large and small renovation projects. Whether you have a vision for your home in mind already or are ready for a creative discussion with our in-house designers, we will help bring your vision to life. Our team works to the highest standards of quality, and are friendly, efficient and reliable; there’s no better choice for your home improvement project than Reliable Home Improvement and Supply, Inc. Contact us today – our friendly team members will be delighted to hear from you. We are ready to help you find out more about our home renovation services and take the next step towards reaching your dream home.


Kitchen Remodeling - Lombard, IL

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Lombard, IL, Reliable Home Improvement is the perfect home remodeling partner. The kitchen is a key room in any home in terms of character. The kitchen is so often the room that captures the hearts of prospective buyers, and is one of the most popular rooms to remodel for those looking to sell, and looking to stay. It's also a place for spending time with family and friends, preparing and sharing food, and as such, the quality o your kitchen can impact your quality of life.

A newly remodeled kitchen can help make preparing meals fun. New appliances and a layout that makes sense for you can speed up chores, and plentiful storage can make keeping the kitchen tidy an easier task. if you dream of baking cookies with grandchildren or drinking wine with friends in a newly remodeled kitchen, consider remodeling your kitchen today for a change of lifestyle you'll love.

Bathroom Remodeling - Lombard

Bathroom remodeling in Lombard is another very popular home remodeling project we see. A simple, functional bathroom with pleasing aesthetics can make a world of difference to any home. Take your design one step further, and you remodel can create the perfect bathroom, making it a luxurious space for relaxation. Whatever your Lombard bathroom remodeling needs or goals, we can bring your vision to life.


Home Additions - Lombard

We are here to expand you home with the perfect home addition to befit your surroundings. Homeowners often choose to leave a perfect location for a larger home. This is one compromise you won't have to make with a home addition. If you love your Lombard home, the community you share, and your proximity to schools, friends, and family, a home or room addition can enable you to stay while increasing square footage.

Home additions can be built for all kinds of reasons. An addition can become the perfect study, nursery, play-room, in-law suite, workout room, or even a sunroom. Whether your home addition is for work or play, there is plenty of opportunity with an addition in Lombard.

Basement Finishing & Renovations - Lombard

Basement finishing and remodeling is another important consideration if you are in need of extra space in Lombard. You might find that you have all the space you need, beneath your home. Finishing your basement is the first step, and can create a clean, safe space for storing personal items and anything you don't use on a regular basis. Remodeling or renovating your basement is the next step, making it into a truly livable space that you enjoy spending time in.


Some of our work in Lombard

At Reliable Home Improvement, we can help you realize what’s at the heart of your kitchen remodeling dreams.

Design Gallery & Showroom

For your convenience, we have constructed one of the largest and most comprehensive kitchen and bath design showrooms in the western suburbs of Chicago, that is open to the public during. This is the place for hi-end kitchen and bath showroom ideas that will give you the opportunity to walk through numerous full size kitchen showroom displays and bath showroom displays.

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