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Oak Brook Home Remodeling

Award-Winning Home Remodeling Services in Oak Brook

Having over 55 years of experience in home renovation, Reliable Home Improvement stands as a top design and build firm, proudly serving Oak Brook, IL, and its popular visitor attractions including Graue Mill and Museum, and Central Park.

As a full-service remodeling company, we work closely with you on your home remodeling project in Oak Brook, prioritizing your satisfaction throughout the process. Our expert services in Oak Brook and nearby areas include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, home additions, and basement renovations.

Choosing Reliable Home Improvement opens up endless possibilities for home renovation and enhancement, as we are committed to creating the ideal space for you. Our services reach out to various nearby communities, covering many charming areas in Oak Brook, including the Oak Brook Polo Club and Oak Brook Mall where many of our customers shop.

Reach out to us today, and our skilled designers will assist you in bringing your ideal home remodeling project in Oak Brook to life in your chosen location.

Interested in discovering more ways to improve your home? Visit our Luxury Kitchen and Bath Showroom in Naperville to discover a wide array of general home remodeling services and learn how Reliable Home Improvement can rejuvenate your living space in Oak Brook.

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Custom Kitchen Remodeling Oak Brook, IL

For custom kitchen remodeling in Oak Brook, Reliable Home Improvement is your ideal partner. The kitchen, often the heart of a home, not only attracts prospective buyers but is also a popular choice for remodeling, whether homeowners plan to sell or stay.

Trending Styles:

  • Modern Farmhouse: Think clean lines, natural textures, pops of black or stainless steel, and shaker-style cabinets. White countertops and subway tiles remain popular, while butcher block accents and vintage touches add warmth.
  • Bold and Colorful: Don't shy away from personality! Statement backsplashes with vibrant patterns, colorful cabinetry in jewel tones like emerald or mustard yellow, and unique lighting fixtures can create a playful and eye-catching space.
  • Warm Minimalism: Embrace clean lines and uncluttered surfaces, but incorporate natural elements like wood and stone for warmth. Sleek appliances, hidden storage solutions, and monochromatic palettes create a sophisticated and serene atmosphere.
  • Sustainable Kitchens: Eco-conscious choices are gaining traction. Opt for recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances, and locally sourced finishes. Consider smart features that reduce water and energy consumption.

A new kitchen remodel is an exciting journey, and with careful planning and a touch of creativity, you can create a space that is both beautiful and functional, perfectly reflecting your lifestyle and enhancing your home for years to come.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling Oak Brook, IL

Custom bathroom remodeling in Oak Brook is a highly popular project. Creating a new bathroom that is both simple and functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, can significantly enhance any home. By advancing your design, your remodel can transform the bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing space. Reliable Home Improvement is equipped to fulfill any of your Oak Brook bathroom remodeling needs and goals, bringing your vision into reality.


Home Additions Oak Brook, IL

We specialize in creating the ideal home addition that complements your surroundings, allowing you to remain in your preferred location without sacrificing space. If you're attached to your Oak Brook home, its community, and the convenience of being close to schools, friends, and family, opting for a home or room addition can provide the extra square footage you need without the need to move.

Home Additions offer versatile solutions for a variety of needs in Oak Brook.

  • Second-story additions: Maximize your existing footprint by adding bedrooms, bathrooms, or bonus spaces on top of your current home. This can significantly increase your living area.
  • Rear additions: Expand your living space towards the back of your house, often incorporating kitchens, family rooms, or dining areas with access to the yard.
  • Side additions: Gain space along the side of your house, ideal for adding mudrooms, home offices, or even extending existing rooms like kitchens or living areas.
  • Bump-out additions: Extend a specific room outwards, like a kitchen or living room, for a more spacious feel and potentially capturing better views.
  • Wrap-around additions: Embrace a larger footprint by adding on both sides and the back of your house, creating a spacious and cohesive living area.

Custom Basement Remodeling Oak Brook, IL

If you're looking for additional space in Oak Brook, custom basement finishing and remodeling are key options to consider. Often, the extra room you require is already available beneath your home. Initially, finishing your basement can provide a great new space for many uses.

  • Home Cinema Paradise: Create a dedicated movie haven with plush seating, a projector screen, surround sound, and dimmable lighting. Add a popcorn machine and concession stand for an authentic cinema experience.
  • Game Room Ruckus: Level up your gaming experience with a dedicated space for consoles, board games, virtual reality setups, and comfy beanbag chairs. Include a mini-fridge and snack bar for marathon gaming sessions.
  • Sports Bar Showdown: Channel your inner sports fan with a sports bar-inspired basement. Install multiple TVs, a pool table, a dartboard, and a mini bowling alley for friendly competitions. Set up a bar area with stools and a beer tap for ultimate hosting vibes.

The subsequent phase of remodeling or renovating transforms it into a comfortable, enjoyable living space that will be full of memories with family and friends.


Some of our work in Oak Brook

Reliable Home Improvement is here to assist you in bringing your remodeling dreams to fruition.

Design Gallery & Showroom

We've established one of the most extensive and fully-featured kitchen and bath design showrooms near Oak Brook for your convenience. Open to everyone, this luxury kitchen and bath showroom is the ideal spot for exploring top-tier kitchen and bath designs, where you can experience a wide selection of full-scale kitchen and bathroom display models to get new inspiration when remodeling.

Book an appointment today at our Naperville Showroom to get started at www.reliablehomeimprov.com/showroom.

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