Western Springs Custom Home Remodeling

Western Springs Home Remodeling

Award-Winning Home Remodeling Services in Western Springs

With over 55 years of experience in home renovation, Reliable Home Improvement is a leading design and build firm that takes pride in serving Western Springs, IL, featuring attractions like Spring Rock Park, South Park, and Springdale Park.

As a full-service remodeling firm, we work closely with you on your Western Springs home remodeling, prioritizing your satisfaction at every step. We provide expert home remodeling services in Western Springs and its surrounding locations, encompassing custom kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions, and basement renovations.

Opting for Reliable Home Improvement opens endless opportunities to enhance your home, as we are committed to crafting the ideal space tailored to your needs. By serving Western Springs, we extend our services to various neighboring communities.

Get in touch now and allow our expert designers to assist you in bringing your dream Western Springs home remodeling project to life in your chosen location.

Interested in discovering more options for enhancing your home? Explore our extensive range of home remodeling services and find out how Reliable Home Improvement can revitalize your living space in Western Springs and beyond.

open kitchen design

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Western Springs, IL

Contact for Reliable Home Improvement for top-notch, local, and professional custom kitchen remodeling in Western Springs. Your kitchen is like no other room in your home. Tailored to your culinary skills and preferences, we specialize in designing kitchens that align seamlessly with your lifestyle and specific requirements. If you dream of having high-end appliances, we can assist in selecting the finest options and enhance your kitchen layout for a more efficient cooking experience. If you have difficulty keeping your kitchen tidy, increased storage space is a must, and can make your kitchen a more pleasant room to be in. In terms of design, we specialize in crafting a unique style that resonates with your taste, ensuring a look you'll adore that seamlessly integrates with your home's overall
aesthetic. Remodel your kitchen today to create a new space that complements your lifestyle and improves the value of your home.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling Western Springs, IL

The bathroom is a vital space in any home, where a soothing bath or invigorating shower should be an enjoyable experience. If you're facing problems like leaks or drainage issues, it can be frustrating. Remodeling your bathroom not only updates fixtures and plumbing for reliability but also enhances its appearance. Opting for elegant tiles, ideal flooring, and colors that resonate with you transforms your bathroom into a beautiful retreat. We offer professional custom bathroom remodeling services in Western Springs and nearby areas.


Home Additions Western Springs, IL

Many families find themselves facing a difficult decision when it comes to deciding whether or not to move from a beloved family home. Families often consider moving away from beloved neighborhoods, schools, and community connections in search of larger homes due to space constraints. With a Western Springs home addition, can enhance your living space, allowing you to enjoy a larger, improved home without leaving your cherished neighborhood.

Custom Basement Remodeling Western Springs, IL

Custom basement finishing and remodeling is an essential consideration for Western Springs homeowners in need of extra space. You might discover that your perfect solution lies right below your home. Begin by finishing your basement to establish a neat, secure storage space for infrequently used items. Then, remodel or renovate to convert it into a truly inviting and enjoyable living area.

Choose Reliable Home Improvement for your Western Springs custom basement remodeling needs and discover the impact of a professionally planned and completed renovation in your home. Allow our experienced team to help you unlock your basement's full potential and add valuable living space for your family to enjoy.


Some of our work in Western Springs

At Reliable Home Improvement, we can help you realize what’s at the heart of your kitchen remodeling

Design Gallery & Showroom

For your convenience, we have constructed one of the largest and most comprehensive kitchen and
bath design showroom that is open to the public. Explore our high-end kitchen and bath showroom for
inspiration, offering you the chance to peruse a variety of full-size kitchen and bathroom display models.

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