You are the host for the big game this weekend, but is your home designed for the added guests? Coming up this Sunday, more than 100 million Americans will gather together to watch the big game. If you are like millions of others around the country, the tradition of game day parties is a great way to get together with friends and family. However, preparing your home for the party is critical to ensure you are able to entertain your guests.

In this article, Reliable Home Improvement provides five quick tips for entertaining in your home:

Create an Inviting Entryway

With many guests coming into your home and the unpredictability of February weather in Chicagoland, make sure you have a way to collect snowy boots and coats from your guests as they walk in the door. Adding a coat rack and boot tray are both easy ways to make the entryway organized.


Cubbies and a bench give guests a place to hang their coats and take off snowy boots.

Functional Flow

While the flow of your home may be perfect for you and your family, add in numerous houseguests and things can get pretty tight. Ensure there is plenty of room for your guests to walk around between the living room and the kitchen. Removing larger pieces of furniture may be beneficial to open up space.

Moving large pieces of furniture will allow guests to move freely around the home.

Seating Situation

Make sure that you have ample seating to watch all those wonderful commercials. A mixture of comfortable couches and practical chairs will give your guests options. Additionally, create small groups of seating so your guests can communicate with one another without shouting across the room.

Create multiple areas of seating for different activities.

Snacking Stations

No Super Bowl party is complete without a smorgasbord of delicious party snacks. Using your kitchen as a designated drink station, place your appetizers and snacks on a console table or side table within easy reach. This creates a good flow for guests and reduces any traffic jams.

Utilize your kitchen island or peninsula for different snack and drink stations.

Clean Up Control

The inevitable aftermath of a good party is the cleanup. Make sure your dishwasher is empty before the party so you can load it up right after your guests leave. Give guests a to-go container of their favorite appetizers and snacks to limit the amount of leftovers you will have.


The most important tip for entertaining in your home is to enjoy yourself. Coming together with friends and family in a space you LOVE is what Reliable Home Improvement hopes every client achieves with any remodel we complete. Contact us if you are looking to make your house your dream home.

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