Your kitchen is the heart of your home, a place for spending time with family, cooking and eating together after a hard day’s work. Your kitchen should be a comforting sanctuary, that you enjoy spending time in. Outdated appliances can cause frustration, and dull design or inconvenient layout can reduce the appeal of your kitchen, and mean you’re not making the most of this important space. If this sounds like a problem you face, it’s likely you’re considering a remodel – and in many cases, this is a task that is very worthwhile, with a great return on investment in terms of quality of life. However, there’s also plenty that can go wrong! Read on to ensure you avoid some of the most common and costly kitchen renovation mistakes.

Avoid Undefined Goals

Without clear goals for your remodel, how will you be sure the outcome will be better? Think about the issues you face with your current kitchen, and how you will overcome these as part of your new design.

Don’t Forget to Budget

Having a clear budget is also important from the start of any remodeling project. Think about how much it is appropriate to spend on the remodel in terms of you homes monetary value. 10-15 percent of your homes market value is often a good place to start.  Then consider everything that will go into the remodel – flooring, appliances, every aspect of the design, and ensure everything is accounted for within your budget, with a little extra money assigned to the unexpected and unknown.

Ensure you have a budget for your renovation project and expect the unexpected when it comes to costly issues that could arise.

Don’t Take Expensive Risks

If you don’t have plumbing or electrical experience, or have never remodeled a kitchen, be very cautious about working by yourself. Should something go wrong, chances are you’ll spend more time and money fixing the issue than paying for a professional would have initially cost you. If you do have experience and trust the quality of your own work, bear in mind the time it will take you to complete this project to the standard you and your family deserve, particularly if you have a full or part time job to prioritize

Take Time to Research your Remodeling Company

Don’t necessarily go with the cheapest remodeling company or the one that can squeeze you in the soonest. Read reviews and get quotes to find a team you trust to do work you know you’ll love, communicate clearly and guide you as to every part of the remodeling project.

Reviews are one of the best ways to give you confidence in your remodeling project. Check out past projects the company has completed.

Design for You

Choosing the latest trends can be tempting – but will you still love that color once it’s past-season? If the answer is yes, go for it- your kitchen is for you to enjoy. However if you’re hesitant, consider classic colors and themes that will never go out of style.

Design for you but design for a lasting space. You don’t want to have to remodel again in a few years based on trends.

Balance Quality and Durability

Choosing higher quality appliances, flooring and other options is also wise.  Your kitchen will be in use every day, so spending a little more will pay off in the long run. Anticipate wear and tear and make the right decisions now to avoid re-buying in the near future.


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