So, have you been thinking about remodeling your home but are unsure when and where to start? Let’s break the news: the right time is here and now. Remodeling warms your home for winter, prepares it for summer, and proves cost-effective.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 Chicagoland home remodeling ideas to warm up your winter 2023.

Best Home Remodeling Ideas to Warm Up Your Winter in 2023

Man installing thermal roof insulation layer using mineral wool.

Interior projects

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Since the weather is cold and inclement, it is a good time to focus on indoor projects. This could include updating a kitchen or bathroom, repainting walls or ceilings, or installing new flooring. All of these projects are suitable to be conducted during winter.

Replace the kitchen flooring you have been longing for, double the kitchen island, or add more lighting to your kitchen. Want to make a changeover and make your bathroom winter-friendly? Go for in-floor radiating heating and/or add a steam shower. Have elderlies at home? Get your bathroom remodeled as per their convenience by adding handles for support, curbless showers, and more.

Insulation and energy efficiency upgrades

Winter is also a good time to ensure your home is well-insulated and energy efficient. Keeping it well-insulated doesn’t only involve getting your HVAC checked and cleaned. It also involves renovating wherever necessary to create a more energy-efficient and energy-saving living. Everyone knows electricity bills spike up drastically during winter. You can cut them in half by upgrading to energy-efficient solutions.

This includes adding insulation to attics and walls, sealing air leaks, switching to solar panels, and focusing on home additions like upgrading to energy-efficient windows and appliances. Switching to insulated flooring and roofing is also a great idea.

In winters, your basement may also require extra attention. If your basement reeks of moisture-laden walls, leaks, and more, this can be the right time to think of basement refinishing. This will strengthen the foundation of your home, make your home more energy efficient and facilitate better utilization of space.

Exterior projects

Male worker installing new wooden laminate flooring. The combination of wood panels of laminate and ceramic tiles in the form of honeycomb. Kitchen renovation.

Not all external renovations are suitable for winter. While it might be more challenging to work outside in the winter, some exterior projects can still be completed during this time. For example, you might consider installing new siding and windows, pressure washing, and sealing your deck.

Get rid of the old and haggard-looking window panels and upgrade to new siding. Winters are the perfect time for these changes as renovations are cheaper in winter than in summer. Vinyl siding is considered best as it is the best sealer keeping cold winds and snow at bay. Moreover, it’s best to take advice from home renovation professionals for expert advice.

Sealing a deck in winter is also not bad, contrary to popular belief. You can avoid it during late winter and when it’s snowing. However, early fall is an ideal time for sealing the deck as the sealant gets appropriate time to set and dry at its own pace. Also, as the deck is not frequently visited in winter, it provides ample time for the sealant to dry completely.

Heating and ventilation improvements

Bright living room interior with artificial fireplace and firewood in basket

This has to be one of the most important tasks before winter approaches. It’s extremely important to ensure that your home’s heating and ventilation systems are working properly. Along with this, it’s important to check your fireplace (if any). The fireplace mantel should be thoroughly checked for any blockages. You can also revamp it if it’s starting to lose its charm. One of the 2023 fireplace trends includes installing heat-resistant glass. This makes your fireplace mantle easy to clean and contributes to better heat dissipation.

Other things to take care of in winter might include cleaning and maintaining the furnace, adding a programmable thermostat, or installing a whole-house ventilation system. Going by the trend, you can also choose other winter home improvements like heat pumps, in-floor radiant systems, and energy resistance systems this season.

Lighting updates for winter

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Winters bring in foggy days, sulky and less bright sunlight with them. Adding new lighting structures within your home is a great option. This will keep you more energized and cheerful despite the weather outside. Updating the lighting in your home in tune with energy-saving options can make your home look modern and make it brighter, and more liveable.

You can add new fixtures, install dimmer switches, or replace outdated light bulbs with energy-efficient options. If you want a better alternative, go for a changeover that adds natural light to your space. Some ideas to add natural light include adding an archway, opening up more wall space, adding a skylight or two, changing the tiles’ color, improvising more glass cabinets, etc. This allows you to add more natural light to your house, which will help keep your electricity bills down.

Your Turn

Winters are best for sealing your deck, adding energy improvement solutions, renovating basements, adding more natural light, and other home renovations as well. If you are in Chicagoland, don’t wait for summer to start home renovations. Consider home remodeling for winter 2023 to make this season more tolerable and cozier. Contact us today to learn more.

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