Every homeowner wants their home to be as perfect as possible. And when it comes to improving any aspect of your home, be it the aesthetics, comfort, or functionality, you have to consider home renovations at some point. If you’re a homeowner in Chicago who is planning to carry out unique home renovations, then the first and foremost step is to hire the best contractor for the job.

There are different ways to undergo renovation projects, and your chosen method will determine the type of contractors you should hire. For most types of home remodeling, the best option is to hire design-build contractors.

But what exactly does ‘design-build’ mean? Why is it the ideal option? And how do you hire the best design-build contractors in Chicago? Read on as we answer all these questions in detail, so you can make the right choice when hiring contractors for your home renovation.

What is Design-Build Contractor?

Engineer and contractor planning projects together at desk with blueprints.Whether you’re aware of this or not, there are different ways to perform construction and renovation projects. But in general, there are two main project delivery models:

  1. Design-build

A single party will take care of the design and construction processes in the design-build process. That means the same contractor will deploy their architects and designers to prepare the final design for the renovation project and deploy the builders who perform the construction from start to finish. It is also known as a single-source solution.

  1. Design-bid-build

In this process, homeowners hire separate entities for a project’s design and construction phases. First, they hire an architect or a design team to prepare the design and specifications of the renovation. Then they solicit bids from different contractors and choose the one they think is the best fit for the job. So basically, the design and building processes are performed by two different parties.

The Benefits of Working with a Single-Source Solution

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When comparing the two different project delivery models, there are several benefits of a single-source solution with design-build contractors.

  1. Efficient process: Because a single entity handles the design and construction phases, the renovation process is generally more streamlined and efficient.
  2. Reduced risk: With a single-source contract, the owner assumes less risk because the design-build firm is responsible for the project’s design and construction.
  3. Improved communication: Since the design and construction teams are part of the same organization, communication is generally improved, which can reduce the risk of misunderstandings and errors.
  4. Greater flexibility: When a single party takes care of the project from start to finish, they can be more flexible in adapting to changes in the project scope or schedule. If two different parties are involved, making sudden changes or improvisations will be a hassle because both parties need to discuss and coordinate before taking action.
  5. Potential cost savings: Greater efficiency and reduced risk of errors can also lead to lower remodeling costs for your home renovation project.
  6. Improved quality: With a single-source contract, the design-build firm is responsible for the quality of both the design and the construction, which may result in a higher-quality project overall.
  7. Faster project delivery: It’s obvious that when you choose a single contractor for the entire project, they will deliver faster than two entities working with each other. In addition, you’re also getting rid of the bidding process, which further saves time.
  8. Innovative solutions: When the complete renovation project is handled by one party, they have greater creative freedom and can come up with innovative remodeling techniques for unique home additions.

Considering all these benefits, it becomes clear that the design-build process is an excellent project delivery system for home renovations.

Streamline Your Home Renovation or Remodel with a Design-Build Team

In the construction drawing are pencil, helmet and roulette

If you’re a homeowner in Chicago wanting to renovate your house, surely you’d want the project to be carried out most efficiently. And that is why hiring design-build contractors in Chicago is the best option. With a single-source team, you can forget the hassle of soliciting bids or managing and coordinating two different parties.

Instead, you will work with a single design-build team who will take care of the entire renovation project, from the initial designs to the final finishing touches. Whether it’s a large-scale renovation like basement refinishing, or smaller projects like kitchen renovations, a single design-build team can streamline the project and make the whole process faster and more efficient.

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Choose Reliable Home Improvement for Your Chicago Design-Build Needs

Now that you’re aware of the huge benefits of a single-source solution, would you want to enjoy the same benefits for your home renovation project? If so, Reliable Home Improvement can bring your project to life just the way you want it and with maximum quality and efficiency. We are one of the leading design-build teams in Chicago, with more than 50 years of experience and hands-on expertise in all types of home improvement projects. Our full-service team comprises of highly professional designers, builders, and architects who can handle all sorts of remodeling projects – custom-designed builds, designer kitchens, or bathroom remodeling.

Reach out to us and schedule a free consultation to get the best single-source solutions for your dream home remodeling project.

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