If you’re planning a remodel, no doubt color has been on your mind. It’s one of the most fun aspects of planning how your room will look, and something a lot of designers, working on professional and personal projects, feel quite passionate about. Choosing the right color scheme is not only essential to getting that Pinterest-worthy look you dream of, but it can also affect your mood and how much time you like to spend in the room. Read on to learn how to remodel like a color pro.

Color and Your Mood

Color can have a subtle impact on our mood. Similarly to how a grey sky can make us feel blue, and a blue sky can make us happy, ‘happy’ colors can give a positive vibe at home too.

Warm colors like pale pinks and light oranges can be comforting, while bolder colors like red and bright yellow can be energizing. Soft, cool, colors like pale blues might be relaxing, but try not to overwhelm with these tones or the effect can be cold.

If you love a bright bold color but have any apprehension, try bringing that color into the space through curtains and accessories, or an accent wall, rather than painting all walls one color.

Also bear in mind the colors you love – the likelihood is there are certain colors you’re drawn to when shopping for clothing or accessories – if you like to wear these colors, chances are you might like to be surrounded by them at home too.

Bring in pops of color in unexpected places like tile in the bathroom.

Color Trends 2018

As mentioned above, people are passionate about color, and color trends can take hold quickly and rapidly. Some of the most popular colors for 2018 include the following:

  • Pale gray continues to be a popular choice, as a soft, neutral tone that works in almost any room.
  • Sage is the new go-to for 2018. It’s close to neutral but less common that regular creams and browns.
  • Blush is another muted tone that adds color without overwhelming.
  • Mustard yellow is back – a bold color that will give a special, colorful twist to any room.

Not ready to paint an entire wall? Bring in color with kitchen cabinets instead.

Choose the color that’s right for you!

Think about your personal style, the look you’re trying to achieve and how you feel around the colors you’re considering. Contact Reliable Home Improvement for personalized color advice and inspiration.

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