Building and remodeling an eco-friendly home has plenty of benefits, and an interest in environmental concerns is certainly on the rise. But what should you consider when building an environmentally friendly home? Here are just a few points to bear in mind.

Why Build an Environmentally Friendly Home?

Environmental concerns effect everyone. By reducing our carbon footprint and considering how our own homes effect the environment, we’re working together to protect our planet and the creatures we share it with.

In recent years, consumers have achieved a greater awareness of the need for environmentally friendly home design. And many of our clients are keen to take environmental responsibility bringing their homes to the next level of Eco-friendly home design.

There are also plenty of additional benefits to choosing Eco-friendly options. Eco-friendly homes are better for your health, are less drafty and are often more comfortable.

remodeled front entry of a family home

Eco-friendly windows can help reduce drafts and wasted electricity.

Building Materials

Choosing appropriate building materials is one way to reduce your negative impact on the environment when remodeling or building a home.

  • Choose recycled materials, or recyclable materials.
  • Choose materials that insulate your home, to reduce oil and gas used for heating and cooling.

Some environmentally friendly materials include:

  • Salvaged or reclaimed wood
  • Recycled steel
  • Bamboo
  • Precast concrete
  • Plant-based polyurethane rigid foam

modern gray kitchen

Using materials such as Bamboo flooring can be a better choice for the environment than traditional hardwoods.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient appliances, windows, light fixtures, boilers and more can reduce the amount of electricity, gas and water we use in our homes. When upgrading these items, ensure energy efficiency is on your checklist.

custom fitted cabinets around refrigerator

Energy efficient appliances not only help the environment but also help you to cut costs.

Tapes and Sealants

Using techniques that seal your home will make it more comfortable year round, and mean you need to spend less money and energy on heating and cooling your home. Enjoy fewer drafts, and a cost-effective step towards a more environmentally friendly home.

sun room with cedar walls and ceiling

Proper sealants can help reduce drafts in the season extremes to help cut energy costs.


Eco-friendly design is destined to continue and increase as people are becoming more engaged and aware of their impact on the environment. For more information about how you can remodel for a more Eco-friendly home, contact Reliable Home Improvement today.

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