Pay Lower Utility Bills With These Home Energy Saving Tips

It doesn’t matter if it is during the dead of winter, the dog days of summer or anytime throughout the year. Every homeowner would love to open their monthly household utility bills and see lower amounts owed for gas, electricity and water. We hope to provide you with a few ideas for making your home more energy efficient and ecologically friendly, and to save some money while doing so.

1. Service your furnace and air conditioner unit

Well-maintained and properly cleaned furnace and AC units are more effective and efficient. Annual clean and checks by certified home furnace and AC unit companies not only keep your home’s equipment operating efficiently, but also help identify potential problems – costly problems – before they occur.

2. Install an attic fan in your home

We all know heat rises. The heat from your home, especially during the summer months, can make upper floors very difficult to cool and force your air conditioning to work extra hard. An attic fan pulls all the hot air out of your house cooling your home and requiring less from your home’s central air system. Attic fans are equipped with thermostats to activate the fan’s exhaust functionality when the temperature in your home’s attic reaches a certain temperature. You’ll notice an immediate difference when you have a qualified contractor install an attic fan in your home.

3. Install a programmable thermostat

Programming furnace and central air functions for daily and weekly operation is another great way to maximize heating and cooling, while saving money all year long. Some studies suggest as little as two degrees can save hundreds of dollars over the course of 12 months.

Newer models allow homeowners to program, check and adjust setting via wireless devices. Resetting the heat program a few degrees cooler or the AC program two degrees warmer when you are not at home saves wear and tear on those units and will save you money.

If you are not comfortable working with electricity and connecting circuits, a qualified technician can install a programmable thermostat in no time. A wide variety of programmable thermostats are available at local retail stores.

4. Water saving tips

Reducing water use is another easy way to save money on utility costs during the year. Low-flow toilets and shower heads can significantly reduce the amount of water used in your home over the course of 12 months. In addition to saving money, cutting water usage is a great way to help conserve one of the planet’s most important resources. A qualified plumber or home improvement expert can install new water-saving toilets, faucets and shower heads throughout your home.

5. Caulk and seal windows and door frames

Even the tiniest leak can waste energy and cost money. Re-caulking window and door frames can eliminate leaks, increase furnace and AC unit efficiency and save you money. Keep in mind this may require more than just putting down a new bead of caulk or silicone sealant. Check for old, cracked and drying caulk, remove the old material completely and then put down the new caulk. You can do this yourself or hire a qualified home improvement expert to do an efficient and effective job that will help save energy costs.

6. Add more insulation in your attic

Older homes may have only the amount of insulation in the attic that was required by law when it was built. Adding another layer of insulation will help keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. There are plenty of resources available to help you determine the type and amount of insulation to install. You can also rely on the expertise of a home improvement specialist.

7. Turn off lights and other electronic devices

This one is a probably a “no-brainer,” but it is worth mentioning when discussing ways to cut costs in your home. Turning off lights, powering down computers and other appliances and devices when not in use will help save money all year long and extend the life of light bulbs, batteries and appliances. Take a quick audit of the devices drawing power in your home and ask yourself if any can be turned off while not in use.

Let’s Recap

Saving energy and money by improving the efficiency of your home’s furnace and AC unit is easy when you apply a few of the tips we’ve offered here.

1. Have a certified expert maintain your furnace and central air for optimal efficiency.
2. Install an attic fan to reduce the amount of hot air that accumulates in your attic.
3. Install a programmable thermostat to better control the temperature in your home.
4. Low-flow toilets and shower heads will reduce water usage and monthly water bills.
5. Re-caulk window and door frames to seal leaks.
6. Add insulation to your attic.
7. Turn off lights and electronic devices in your home when not in use.

The cost of performing these tips can vary from costly to very inexpensive, but whichever you choose the savings can really add up.

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