Here is a list of questions to ask yourself/go over when you begin to chose a remodeling contractor for you home:


The Design Consultant

Is he/she experienced? Is he/she creative and a good listener?

Floor Plan/Elevations

Are they functional, well thought out, with an eye for detail?

Quality Materials

Do they use name brands, nationally recognizable?

The Tradesmen

Do they have individual specialist in every trade?

The Proposal

Is it a detailed line by line itemization of everything within the scope of work?

Turn Around Time

Do they offer scheduling/internal systems that maximize efficiencies to shorten disruption to your family life?


Is there an individual project superintendent on site on a daily basis?


Do they have not just 2 or 3, but hundreds, many in your own town?


Are both general liability and workman compensation certificates supplied?


Can they supply you with a written warranty?

Commercial Business Site

Is it an established place of business?


Do they have payroll employees to service customer inquires or problems?


Call the B.B.B. (312-832-0500) – check them out.

Financial Stability

Call Dun and Bradstreet – check them out.

Time in Business

Over 35yrs. (EST. 1967) Have they passed the test of time?


Is it a reasonable price for scope of work, services & peace of mind?

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