There are many things to think about before a major remodel takes place.

If your home is as well lived-in and loved as most, there will be plenty of moving items, storing and sorting to be done before work on your home can begin.

A simple kitchen remodel may require more of an overhaul than you think, but larger remodels of multiple rooms can be even more daunting.

Read over the tips below to consider how you might prepare your home for the challenges of a remodel and be in the best shape to move forward with your project.

single family home in HinsdaleA major remodel can perfect your home

Make a List of Your Belongings

A list of all the belongings in the room you intend to remodel will help you keep track of where everything is and create a layout for every item once the remodel is complete.

This is also an opportunity to tidy your home and get rid of things you don’t need.  Choose whether to throw out, donate, give to a friend or save each item on your list.

Having a list of all your belongings can also be helpful for insurance purposes should the need ever arise to account for the items you had at home.


Store Items You Won’t Need

If you have an empty basement, garage or spare bedroom, this space will become essential for storing items that usually sit within the room that is to be remodeled. If you don’t have space available to you, consider renting a storage unit until the work is complete. If you’re undergoing a major remodel, the cost of storage will likely be worth it in terms of comfort and keeping your home as usable as possible during this time.


Keep Digital Records

Intentionally keeping digital records of remodeling payments, budget and other financial information can help you stay organized. Careful digital records can help you stick to budget and be prepared in case of a change of scope or unexpected cost increase.


Plan for Pets

Don’t forget your furry friends when it’s time to remodel. Make sure your pet has a safe, clean space to live in while work takes place. Block off rooms so they can’t accidentally get under the feet of workers or hinder progress.


Don’t Forget the Floors and Walls

It’s easy to remember to move your furniture, but don’t forget your floors and walls – remove paintings and pictures from the walls, roll up rugs and cover all remaining surfaces. Make sure you have plenty of extra sheets and plastic sheeting available.


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