We hope you enjoyed our first post on Old World Charm Home Decor – this week we have even more ideas to help you add some ornate, elegant detail from past times to your home.

Read on for more tips – from new bannisters to decorative latches and switch plates.

Add an Ornate Bannister

If your staircase is in a prominent position in your home, consider upgrading the bannister to an older, more exquisite design. There are so many design options and materials available, you’re bound to find a bannister that adds to your vision for your home.

Looking for an easier project? Consider upgrading your newel post only. Your newel post is the most prominent post in your banister at the beginning of your staircase. Choose a larger and more ornate post that goes well with the rest of the bannister to make a statement.

Embossed Latches and Switch Plates

Sometimes the little details can make a big difference. If you’re the kind of person that likes to add detailed finishing touches to hint towards an overall design influence, consider adding embossed latches to windows and detailed switch plates around your light switches.

Luxurious Lighting

Your choice of lighting is another easy way to bring old world charm to your home.

Ornately designed sconces can bring just the right amount of glow and detail to hallways or living areas.

The right ceiling medallion can also add elegance and beauty. A ceiling medallion is a decorative, usually spherical area on the ceiling that the light hangs from.

Remodeled traditional kitchen with island

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters were once very popular, and can bring a rustic charm as well as additional privacy to any home. Choose from plain wood or painted designs. Interior shutters are great for bedrooms where you wish to shut out the light completely.

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