The powder room and bathroom are not always top of mind when it comes to home renovation. After all, these are spaces that are meant to be private. While your lavatory may not be the most commonly thought of room for stylish décor, it is a place where you and your guests want to feel comfortable.

The internet is an endless stream of inspiration for modern and classic powder rooms. It’s also easier than ever to stay up to date with popular bathroom trends.

To help you save time and energy, we gathered some chic designs, colors, and styles worth your attention.

Trendy and Timeless Powder Room Ideas

If you’re wondering how to decorate a powder room in a way that meets the latest style but will remain on-trend for years to come, you can’t go wrong with these four options:

Powder room wallpaper: Yes, the age-old question of whether or not to use wallpaper can finally be put to rest. Pattern wallpaper with florals, designs, textures, and graphics are classics that won’t go out of style. These aren’t the oddity wallpapers of the 1980s; vibrant, natural, and artistic wallpapers are timeless staples that continue to look great, even as you update fixtures and amenities. Still on the fence? Place the wallpaper on an accent wall and paint the others.

Themes: A simple combination of items that share a specific theme is a beautiful way to encapsulate your space. As a powder room is small, usually with only a sink, toilet, vanity, mirror, and minimal storage, you don’t have to do much to make this room pop. Pick a color, paper, board (or a combination) and create a theme for your powder room after a certain city, the rainforest, a spa, or a stone palace. This can usually be done with a few framed photos or pieces of art, knick-knacks, towels, etc.

Proper lighting: Lighting that is too intense or the wrong shade can ruin the entire aesthetic of your powder room. Your space only needs minimal lighting. Consider a small fixture with soothing tones, or have backlighting installed behind your mirror and/or vanity.

Unique storage: Repurposed items like small cabinets, bins, and dressers that don’t fit in other areas of the house may find a home in your powder room. Use these pieces for simple storage of towels, hand soap, toilet paper, and more.

2021 Bathroom Trends and Classic Designs

You may find that some of the powder room ideas also work well in a larger bathroom, such as a master bath, Jack and Jill, or guest bath. With more space, you can expand on some of those concepts, and include others that fit your comforts. Bathroom design trends tend to incorporate new ideas, as well as classic notions that are here to stay:

Soaker tub and elegant shower: The bathroom lends itself to relaxation and a modern or classic soaker tub can be extremely therapeutic after a long day of work. Freestanding soaker tubs are widely popular, but classic clawfoot tubs have been a staple for generations and their popularity continues to grow. You may also consider a built-in soaker with a flat bottom. With today’s designs, you can have the tub of your dreams and the convenient shower. Many combinations can fit together and experts in home renovation will work with your space.

modern bathtub in blue bathroom

The tub is a place to relax. 

Stylish privacy features: Your bathroom can have more than drywall. Let the light in with a few windows or a skylight. It’s also easy to enjoy privacy when needed, with drawn shades and fogged glass for your shower door. It’s also possible to receive extra privacy if you share the bathroom, by placing the toilet behind a stall (half wall), or a full wall with a door.

Throw rugs: These are such a simple, yet easy way to add pops of color, texture, and that “at-home” feeling to any bathroom.

The double vanity: Two sinks, two mirrors, and two of everything else have been a long-standing tradition for bathrooms used by multiple people. The double vanity maximizes space and convenience when it’s time to get ready to go out or to brush your teeth before bed. However, the modern double vanity has an updated look. Try foregoing two traditional undermount sinks for tabletop designs. You might also consider two hanging mirrors instead of a single mirror, and create an exposure under the vanity that shows plumbing to fit a natural vibe.

Gray and white bathroom with double vanity

A double vanity makes sharing a bathroom easy.

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