The basement is a versatile area of any home. It’s where you place your kids’ toys so they aren’t all over the living room floor. You might also have a spot to store supplies away from your main living space.

While the basement gives us some breathing room, it also has the potential to be a beautiful, functional part of your home, especially when the right basement storage solutions are created.

How to Organize Your Basement Storage Area

A few changes can go a long way to improving your basement. Let’s explore some of the most popular (and lesser known) basement storage ideas, so you can use your home effectively and enjoy it at the same time.

1.      Basement Storage Shelves

Breathe in all the glory of shelving units. Instead of taking up floor space and having your items in a disorganized mess, you have an easy way to put things away and prevent tripping hazards.

Basement storage shelves come in all sizes and arrangements:

  • Heavy duty or wide span floor shelving. This type of unit is easily assembled and is great for storing bulk items like food or toiletries. Made from aluminum, steel, wire, plastic, or wood, it can hold just about anything, including small bags and cases. Pro tip: If you want to improve the visual aesthetic, place a drape, curtain, or plastic covering over the shelves.
  • Bin basement storage containers. Similar to floor shelving, bin storage allows you to easily assemble units and place them together for a simple storage solution. An easy way to keep track of what goes where is by labeling the bins for toys, small appliances, or seasonal items.

2.      Built-Ins

Built-in units not only serve their storage purpose, they also look amazing, adding character to any basement. Built-ins include shelves or basement storage cabinets that open and close in a variety of ways.

We recommend using shelves for storage items you don’t mind displaying or need easy-access to. For products or supplies you would rather keep out of sight, consider built-in cabinets.

This type of storage also extends to space that you might not otherwise use. For example, if you have a gap between two walls, a cubby will allow you to place items in bins, boxes, or even custom-built dividers. Get even more creative by having hooks or hangers installed to store certain possessions.

3.      Storage Under the Basement Stairs

Many homes already have a storage area available under the basement stairs. There are several ways you can make it your own by maximizing space but also functionality. Take a look at a few options that might work, depending on your layout:

  • Install drawers. If there is space between the opening and the wall, use drawers as a simple basement storage solution.
  • Make it a play area. Your kids or even pets may find the perfect play place in under stair storage areas that aren’t enclosed. Use a small standing storage unit and contain toys and activities all in one!
  • House your “mini-gym”. Hand weights, yoga mats, stretching bands, and medicine balls always seem to get lost or misplaced. Under the stairs is the perfect place to install a few simple storage solutions like trays, bins, or baskets to keep your workout equipment.

4.      The Workshop

If you’re handy and want to have a drill, screwdrivers, a hammer, measuring tape, saws, and workbench all at your fingertips, you can do so with a dedicated workshop area. Simply removing these items from the rest of the basement will help clear any clutter created by just throwing tools into a storage room.

Organize your workstation around the bench. This should mainly include drawers that fit underneath the bench and pegboard or PVC slats for wall storage of tools. When you’re creating new basement storage solutions, think about whether certain items fit better in the garage. For example, power saws, and heavy vices may be better suited for use in a garage space.

5.      The Wine Cellar

Temperate and dark, the basement is truly a great climate for a home wine cellar installation. Plenty of sealant and other measures will need to be taken to control dampness. If you are a collector, storing your wine in the basement cellar is a convenient way to preserve your bottles and keep them organized.

The humidity levels of your cellar will be extremely important and wine cellars have specialized tools to help with humidity, temperature, and more.

Your Trusted Partner for Basement Refinishing

With over 50 years of experience working with customers in the Chicagoland area, we have learned that your basement is a sanctuary within your home. Reliable Home Improvement can help you identify opportunities for basement storage and we can build custom designs for your home.

As basement refinishing experts, we cater to your needs, no matter the size of your renovation. We even have experience building basement wine cellars! Talk with us about your ideas for the basement and we’ll assist you with a storage plan, tailored to you.

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