New Kitchen Trends for Large Homes

It can be almost an impossible task to stay on top of what’s in and what’s out. There is a thin line between trend and fad. With new kitchen renovations or remodeling projects needing a large amount of time and resources invested, the last thing you want is to sink money into a project that will make your house look dated shortly after completion. Instead of scouring article to article trying to figure out what the consensus is, gathered below are some of the most up-to-date trends you should know.

Metals are Cool in the Kitchen

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Brighten up kitchens with more metals. Metal in the hardware or handles on the cabinets brings a shine to your space. Ideally, the metal will shimmer in the light. That gleam will catch the eye and emphasize that you put effort into even the smallest of details.

A lot of homeowners today want to see more lived space. Hardware with a less-polished look can add spunk to your kitchen and achieve that look. Muddy your faucet or bring in a matte brasse for the handles. This can add class and warmth to a kitchen. Make it look like it has been worn in for a few generations even if it was installed in the last year.

One thing to take away from this is to not put limits on yourself. This means that there is no need to limit your whole kitchen to a single metal. Mixing metals can add a fun accent that isn’t there when you stick to one. It isn’t uncommon to see brass and nickels together or black metals sitting next to silver. Go back and forth with your lights, cabinet hardware, or fixtures. The marriage of different metals adds style to your new kitchen!

Design Your New Kitchen with the Old Industrial Look

Modern is one thing, Industrial is another. Take the sleek, black feel from the modern aesthetic but make it dingier and more urban. Industrial dark countertops have caught on with the younger crowd. Hard concrete-like sinks have taken the cake over fragile porcelain sinks. Concrete however can be hard to maintain. Instead, try silgranit. A wide variety of color options with food-safe properties make it a great substitute and it is very durable.

Farmhouse Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you absolutely must keep it traditional, the farmhouse trend is still very popular. White cabinets will make your space vibrant. Spacious countertops, with a custom designed backsplash adds personality to the traditional style. The idea is to make your kitchen like it could accommodate a large farm family, but in the modern neighborhood. A deep sink ties the whole farmhouse style together.

Wall Panels to Hide Appliances

One way to give your kitchen a uniform look is to position appliances hidden behind wall panels. The surprise factor is quite amusing. If you wanted to live in a detective novel where they pull a book out of a bookshelf to reveal a secret chamber, this is the project for you. Beyond the novelty, this allows the appliances to better blend in with the cabinets around them.

Stoves, fridges, and other large appliances will need wall panels. If that sounds appealing but too much to undertake you might be in the market for a permanent appliance garage. This feature would conceal blenders, toasters, and other smaller appliances allowing your countertops to be clutter-free while still having your appliances at the ready.

Smart Appliances

With the flood of new technology entering the market, there are all sorts of new gadgets available for your kitchen. Toasters, stoves, ovens, and fridges all are available with touchscreens making yours the kitchen of the future. Or make cooking easier with a touchless faucet. Make food prep and clean up less of a hassle with a sink that turns on or off with the wave of a hand.

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