Start off your new year with an adventurous new home interior look. Painting your bathroom is one easy way to make a bold design move with little effort or investment, in terms of time or money. Grab yourself a paintbrush, paint roller and some masking tape, lay down some sheets, and you’re ready to get started! Don’t forget to choose a few sample paints to try out at home, to see your chosen colors in your home environment covering a substantial area, before you commit to buying larger paint pots and painting the whole room. Read on and see the best bathroom colors this year.

All about the Blues

Blue is a popular color throughout the home this year, in kitchens and bathrooms especially. From elegant taupe to deep navy blues, there are plenty of shades to choose from, and you won’t be amiss with any. Blue comes in such a variety of tones and shades that there are endless possibilities in terms of the look and feel you’re trying to achieve.

blue bathroom -reliable home improvement

A light blue can bring in some much needed light to a bathroom.

Grays Galore

Pale gray has become a hugely popular color over the last year or so, and continues to reign as one of the best bathroom colors. The popularity of pale gray is partly down to its ability to fit beautifully into almost any room or setting, from bathrooms to bedrooms to hallways. It’s a subtle color that won’t offend anyone, without being boring. Calming and gentle, pale gray is an easy choice for anyone that doesn’t want to take too big of a risk, but needs a change.

Greige is another option if pale gray isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Greige = Beige + Gray, a combination of pale gray and beige, this is a warmer option with an almost mauve tinge.

For a more dramatic gray, consider charcoal. Although it is bold and dark, charcoal gray has a warmer tone and can be comforting and elegant among white fixtures.

gray bathroom - reliable home improvement

Various shades of gray can create a calm and spa-like atmosphere.

Green Goddess

Green might not be your first thought when it comes to picking a new color for your bathroom, but choose carefully, and it can be stunning. Sage and olive green have become particularly popular in home décor, and can be very elegant. Pair with white or wood for a calm, sophisticated look.

green accent tile bathroom - reliable home improvement

Even adding an accent of green can create an updated and unique look.

Picturesque Pastel

Pastel tones can bring color to your bathroom without being overwhelming. Pale greens can give your bathroom a seaside vibe, while pale pinks and blues can bring a vintage touch. Pale yellow with white fixtures can bring a happy, sunny look like no other. Cool tones work well with marble, while warm tones often complement wood. Pastels are quickly becoming one of the best bathroom colors this year.

yellow bathroom color - reliable home improvement

This sunny yellow creates a warm and inviting space without being too bright.


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