Are you a social person that loves to party with friends, family, and loved ones? Occasional night-outs and social gatherings are a great way to add fun and excitement to life. But you don’t always need to head out to have a good time, as your home can be the perfect venue for parties and celebrations.

Having said that, hosting a party and having people at your place also have downsides. It can make your home messy, and you need to be careful that your guests don’t damage any items in your home. One of the most dreaded parts is that after it’s all over, there’s a lot of cleaning!

However, these things should not stop you from inviting friends and family to have a good time at your house. The best and simplest way to successfully host a party without worrying about other things is to have a separate party room. That way, you limit the flow of people and ensure that all the fun and celebrations are limited to a specific area of your house.

If the idea of setting up a party room sounds exciting, but you don’t know where to start, then check out these super handy tips and suggestions to create an ultimate entertaining party room in house.

Three things to keep in mind for a party room addition

Basement entertainment room in new luxury house

You can’t just use any room for parties and celebrations without thinking about it. Well, it’s your house, so you technically can, but it wouldn’t be a good decision to randomly turn any space into a party room.

Instead, you should make sure that whichever room you select for parties and celebrations should have three main features:


Your party room will host different types of events which will also require different setups. For example, celebrating a promotion with friends and colleagues and celebrating a baby shower with family and loved ones will be two completely contrasting events. With that in mind, you must ensure that your party room is versatile enough to serve as the venue for all celebrations.


It goes without saying that the party room should be in such an area of the house that is easily accessible from the main entrance and has bathroom access nearby. You wouldn’t want your guests to keep walking to the other end of the house to lighten themselves. Additionally, it’s even better if the kitchen is close by, as that will make it easier for you to serve food and drinks.


Your party room should not disturb the personal living spaces inside your home. It should be away from the master bedroom and rooms of your family members. So whenever you have people over, all the merrymaking and socializing should not affect your private rooms.

Design and Renovation Ideas for Party Rooms

Elegant living room with window wall open to stylish wooden terrace

Now let’s take a look at some unique and efficient renovation ideas and home additions that can turn your party room into a complete entertainment space.

Connectivity to an outdoor section

It’s always a good idea to have an outdoor area connected to your party room, such as a balcony, porch, or patio. People often love to get some fresh air during parties. Also, if some guests like to smoke, they can easily head outside so the non-smokers will not be affected. A mixture of indoor and outdoor space is perfect for all parties and events.

Smart choice of flooring

A little bit of mess and spillage is common during parties. Small bits of food, drops of liquid beverages, and alcohol will most likely occur. So you’d ideally want the flooring in your party room to be super convenient and quick to clean. Consider installing wooden or tile flooring in party rooms, as those can be cleaned easily. Rugs and carpets should be avoided.

Proper lighting

Modern home living room

Lighting is such an important aspect of home interiors. So even in your party room, you want different lighting options. Some events are better hosted in soft, low light. At other times, you’d want a bright atmosphere. Even colorful, blinking lights can be useful for funky events or dance parties. So you should consider including various lighting options in the party room for versatility.

Built-in cabinets

The right furniture can really improve your party room design. But big, bulky furniture can also create obstacles when many people move around in the room. What you can do is install built-in cabinets and shelves on the wall. That way, the room doesn’t look too empty, you get storage space for decorations and even amenities like television and sound system, and it will not obstruct the movement of guests.

Countertops and Minibar

CHICAGO, IL, USA - FEBRUARY 24, 2020: A small basement bar /man cave with liquor on shelves and the bar is surrounded by wood bar stools. A basketball game is setup in the background.

When serving food and drinks during parties, bringing everything in from the kitchen on trays and plates is quite inconvenient. Instead, you can have small countertops installed in the corner, which can be ideal for laying out food and drinks and letting guests serve themselves. And if you fancy something extra, you can include a minibar section too in your party room, provided there is enough space.

Basement Party Room

friendship, leisure and entertainment concept - happy friends with non-alcoholic beer playing cards game at home in evening

If you don’t have ideal space in other areas of your house, why not turn your basement into the perfect venue for parties and events? At first, it may seem a bit odd, and it also nullifies our first point of having outdoor access in party rooms. But a basement can truly make an amazing party area if you’re short on space. You can still incorporate other ideas, such as built-in cabinets, countertops, diverse lighting, etc. With some final touches and some basement refinishing, it can all work out perfectly!

We Can Create the Perfect Party Room for Your Home

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