Giving your old kitchen a facelift (or a complete remodel) is an exciting project, and one of the biggest value-adding renovations you can undertake. Want to take your remodel up another level? Add custom elements to your project to enjoy a space that matches your style, delivers incredible quality and fits your space. Here are 5 kitchen upgrades in Naperville we think you should try.

Choosing Custom Cabinets vs. Factory Cabinets

a modern kitchen with a table and chairs and a refrigerator,

One way to immediately give your kitchen a fresh look, and added functionality, is to replace your old cabinets. When you are ready for this upgrade, you have two choices: Custom cabinets or factory cabinets. Factory cabinets come in standard sizes, shapes, colors, and materials from which you can choose. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, are specifically designed and built to fit your kitchen and your storage needs. Here are some of the advantages this latter choice offers for your kitchen renovations:


You pick everything about your installation, from the material used to the design you select to the color you settle on. This is the only way to get NO compromises on the look you love.


Do you have an awkward corner? Build a spice cabinet to fit. A layout that doesn’t work? Design a new one. Are you unusually tall or short? Make sure you can comfortably reach your items. When you use custom cabinets, you build them to fit YOUR kitchen, with all its quirks and eccentricities.


Customize the storage in your home to suit your needs and the way you work in your space. Whether you require a spice cabinet, a place for your specialty coffee setup, or room for your cutlery, cabinets built just for you will fit your requirements.

Adding a Kitchen Island

a large kitchen with a center island and chairs

If you have always loved the look of an island in the kitchen, then now may be the time to put it in your own space. The best part? Islands are extremely customizable, so you can get exactly the kind of functionality and look you want out of yours. Consider adding one for any of these reasons:

  • Extra storage
  • Extra work space
  • Extra seating
  • Extra faucet or stove
  • Extra style and flair

Do you want an extra stove top for those big family gatherings? Do you require a place to store all your pots and pans? Or do you need to accommodate a growing family? Add an island.

You can choose the size, look, and features. Plus, you can even select a small kitchen island that doubles as a cart. That means that almost any kitchen (Except the smallest ones) can fit this beautiful and practical upgrade.

Investing in Vertical Storage Solutions

A kitchen with vertical cabinets, sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator

If you have a small kitchen, or plenty of items to store, vertical storage may be the perfect custom Naperville kitchen upgrade. This type of storage sits above your countertops and even above your cabinets, so you can put away your items without taking up floor space.

For example, try open shelves, hanging pot racks, knife storage, and more. Not only do these solutions make room for everything you use regularly, but they can also look quite stylish and add to the overall appeal of your kitchen.

Custom Open Shelving Design

Beautiful dishes, glassware, vases, and other items don’t have to sit tucked away in a cabinet. Put them on display with custom open shelving. Because it is personalized to your needs, it can be as big or small as you desire, embrace your style, and make room for exactly the kinds of items you want to showcase.

Don’t worry about how to tuck open shelving into your space. It can fit neatly into almost any area of your kitchen, provided you choose a customized option built to your needs. You don’t even have to limit yourself to storing glassware. Embrace art, plants, and other items you want everyone to see when they visit your home.

Full Kitchen Renovation

A fully renovated kitchen with a center island and a stove

You could implement any one of these upgrades to give your kitchen a more modern and customized look. However, for a total transformation, try a full kitchen renovation. This could include all the following:

  • New cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Shelving
  • Island

This is definitely the most expensive route to take, but it also gives you the chance to get exactly the look you want in your space.

If you want a custom kitchen upgrade, the sky is the limit. Let Reliable Home Improvement help with 50 years of experience delivering custom solutions for renovations of any size.



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