Room Addition Project Questions, Answers and Helpful Tips

Let’s face it. It seem likes everyone could use a little more room in their home. An extra room is just what we need, right? Maybe so, but before you make the commitment to have an addition put on your home let us offer a few things for you to consider that will hopefully make your decision a little easier.

What kind of room addition does your house need?

Do you want more space for entertaining? Perhaps your growing family needs an extra bedroom or one more bathroom.  Maybe you want a new den for yourself or a TV room in which the whole family can gather for fun and relaxation. These are all valid reasons for building an addition on your home, and you really can’t go wrong as long as you are realistic about needs, costs and future use. The end result should be something you have been living without for too long.

How much will a room addition cost?

Great question, but the answer varies depending on what kind of room you are adding. It’s more than just adding walls, a floor and a ceiling. While construction costs vary according to company and region of the country, there are a few things you can count on.

  • It actually costs less to build up than to build out. Adding a room with a foundation is more costly than expanding attic space into extra bedrooms or a den.
  • A bathroom addition requires rough plumbing that normally costs around $5,000.
  • There are fixed costs like design services and labor. Learn those up front.
  • Above and beyond construction of the home addition there will be the cost of furniture, fixtures and appliances. Include it all in your budget, but consider avoiding all top-of-the-line items to help stretch your budget.

On the upside, you can recover as much as 60 to 90 percent of your costs as new bedrooms and living rooms often increase the value of your home.

Building an addition on your Home is about more than money

Yes, of course cost is a consideration, but the value in a new addition goes well beyond the price. You and your family will use the new room almost immediately and probably get years of enjoyment from this extra space.  So, if recouping the cost of your investment isn’t the most important factor in whether or not to build a room addition then that could make your decision a little easier.

Navigating the permitting process

Just about any addition you put on your home will require a permit from the local municipal or county government. The folks in those offices should be able to help you get the proper permitting for your project. However, if you are absolutely committed to building the addition, the easiest way to obtain permitting is to have your contractor obtain all necessary documents. An experienced and reliable contractor should be able to handle this task without any trouble as they have probably done it for a number of previous clients.

Let’s Recap

  • What kind of space does your home and family really need? Sit down together to discuss whether a new bedroom, bathroom or family recreation space is what will benefit everyone the most.
  • Understand the costs involved. Get fixed costs up front and stretch your budget by limiting purchases of premium fixtures, appliances and furniture.
  • A new bedroom or family room will add value to your home.
  • Beyond the cost, recognize the enjoyment your family will get from a room addition and include it in all decisions.
  • Obtain all proper permits before work begins.

Hopefully the information provided will help you on your way to expanding the space in your home.  Just take a look around and determine what’s best for your home and family, then start planning your new room addition project.

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