Fall is often considered the most beautiful time of the year, and as designers, we can certainly appreciate its beauty. Why not express your love of fall and bring the beauty of the season into your home? The following tips are perfect for remodeling and designing with fall in mind.


Autumn Colors

Autumn is a vibrant season of changing colors. If you love greens, yellows, reds, oranges, purples and browns, it’s the inspiration you need to make some color changes. Choose a selection of colors, or focus on one particular color in multiple shades. Green rooms are very popular this year, including, deep, rich, forest greens. Browns are an ever-popular neutral, warm, earthy option.


Soft, Cozy Textiles

Blankets and soft furnishings can bring a cozy autumn vibe to any room. Patterned textiles, plaid and velvet will all bring warmth to a fall-themed home. Consider throws for over the couch or bed, and soft, luxurious rugs. Heavy, velvet, floor-length curtains can also add an air of sophistication and autumnal warmth to your home.


Outdoor Living

It’s not too late to make the most of a deck or patio – enjoy the colors of fall as you eat, relax and socialize. The winter might be long but a usable outdoor space will help you change your lifestyle so that you can make the most of the seasons you love.

Can’t quite budget for a deck or patio this year? Ensure you can enjoy the fall colors from inside your home with large windows or glass doors that will appear to extend your fall themed home out into the open, to meet with the scene outside.

remodeled covered patio with fireplace and built-in grill

Enjoy fall from a beautiful deck

Natural Materials

Choosing natural materials like wood and stone can give warm, earthy autumnal vibes. Think exposed wooden beams, hard wood flooring, wooden or leather furniture and strong, raw wooden doors.


Cozy up to a Fireplace

A roaring fireplace can make the perfect autumnal focus point in a cozy living room. Choose from marble, cement, metallic and tile designs and more. Whether the flames are real or not, you’ll be grateful for the warmth of the fireplace when winter comes.

Remodeled sitting area with stone fireplace

Get cozy by the fireplace this fall

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