Some people are all about the details. They love decorative doorknobs, perfectly chosen curtains, the exact mint green photo frame to frame the perfect photograph. These people know how to take their remodel to the next level. Add attention to detail and consider the below for a remodel that will wow.



Wainscoting refers to decorative wooden wall panels that have been popular since the 18th century. As well as increasing insulation and durability, wainscoting can also add an air of luxury to your home. There are so many designs available – from simple bordered panels to designs with patterned detailing. Wainscoting can add a little ornate touch to an otherwise simple room.


Tile Backsplash

Choose a tile backsplash for your kitchen to add color, texture and detail. The range of tiles available today will beguile anyone that loves to pick out beautiful finishing touches for their home.



Kitchen cabinets come in all sizes, colors, materials and more. Choosing cabinets is just one simple part of a kitchen remodel, but it can make a real difference to the overall look and feel of your design. Not ready to remodel? Choosing to upgrade your cabinets alone can give the room a new look.

There is a lot to consider when choosing cabinets. Birch, cherry, maple and oak are some popular wooden choices. For those that love to be bold, painted cabinets are also an option.

There’s one other super simple way you can update your cabinetry – the knobs and drawer handles! From bejeweled knobs to ornate designs, there are plenty of options for the perfectionist in you.

Remodeled cherry china cabinets


Lighting can perfect any scene or setting. Is it flattering? Is it bright enough? Does it add warmth to the room? Are you looking to create a bright and airy vibe or a moody, dark interior?

Skylights, the size of your windows and interior lighting selections are important in creating mood. Even the most beautiful room can look dingy without the right lighting to enhance it. Consider what’s practical and the effect you most desire. Your remodeling team is used to problem solving and will be able to come up with designs that work for your home.

white kitchen with dark wood island


Flooring is so often an after-thought, and yet it has such a huge impact on your space and covers such a large area. Take your time selecting the right flooring for your home. Consider design as well as durability. Do you prefer tile, hardwood flooring or carpeting? Which will last longer, be easier to clean and best suit your lifestyle?



Though furniture is often chosen after or during a remodel, it can totally change the design of your home. Even if your walls and flooring stay the same, if furniture is replaced a whole new look can be created. Picture a white painted room with wooden flooring. Add heavy oak furniture for a farmhouse theme, or simplistic, abstract furniture for a modern look. Furniture can help you add personality to your home.



Upgrade your staircase with a new banister! An ornate banister can add an air of sophistication to your home, particularly if your staircase sits in pride of place near your entranceway. Choose from metal or wooden designs in all kinds of styles.


Remember to focus on one room at a time as you work through perfecting your home. Contact Reliable Home Improvement today for designs that perfect the big picture and incorporate the details you adore!

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