With twice the fun on the way, many parents of twins or parents-to-be wonder how best to remodel or update their home for twins. Caring is sharing and there are plenty of ways to make your home friendly for both your new additions, ensuring there’s plenty of space to play and spend time as a family. Learn our top tips for remodeling for twins.

Remodeling the Perfect Nursery

Sharing a room can be an important part of growing up and becoming close to a sibling, and having both children in one room can make things easier on parents.

To make the most of your nursery, make sure you have plenty of closet and storage space, and that everything is easy for you to find and reach. Ensure your design lends itself to the perfect changing process and really think about what activities will need to take place in the nursery when you create your design, for seamless day to day chores. Don’t forget a play area that both children can enjoy!

Safety is another important consideration – update old paint with new, baby safe, VOC-free paint. Make sure the windows meet fire safety codes, and that the floors are easy to clean. A ceiling fan is another important consideration – studies show that having a ceiling fan in your child’s room can significantly reduce the chance of SIDS.



Remodeling a Jack and Jill Bathroom

A Jack and Jill bathroom is a shared bathroom that sits between two separate bedrooms. For twins that are a little older, a Jack and Jill Bathroom will offer the perfect bathroom space. It can help you:

  • Make the most of the space you have
  • Encourage children to share
  • Encourage children to learn time management
  • Provide the privacy children need as they get older
  • Prevent disputes on who gets the bigger bathroom or private en-suite!

Modern white and blue master bathroom

Overall Tidy Up & Storage

Having an overall tidy up can really get your home into shape ready for your new additions. Throwing out items you no longer need and going through unused clothing can leave you with all the space you need for baby clothes, toys and more.

Ensuring you have plenty of storage space in every room will go a long way to keeping your home looking clean, at a time when you’re unlikely to have much time to spend on chores.

Remodeling for twins can be a tricky situation, but Reliable Home Improvement can help. Ready to remodel? Contact Reliable Home Improvement for advice, design tips and more.

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