If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, it’s likely that how much it will cost is at the top of your list of concerns before you get started. And so it should be – budgeting is the perfect first step to a successful remodeling project.

How much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost?

On average, a kitchen remodel should cost between $10,000 and $35,000, but this all depends on the scope of your project. With some many options available, it’s possible to spend as little or as much as you like on your project. A simple remodel, or limited kitchen updates, could cost as little as $4000. A particularly extravagant project could cost up to $100,000.

The more information you can provide your designer or contractor, the more accurate a quote you are likely to receive. Many factors will make a difference, including:

–          Choice of flooring, cabinetry, surfaces

–          Size of the space – are you remodeling a 100 square foot kitchen, or a 250 square foot space?

–          Whether structural changes will be made

–          Addition of doors or windows


There are many parts to a kitchen remodel that you might not think of at first. These include:

–          Making design plans

–          Receiving permits

–          Dust control

–          Demolition

–          Electrical fixes

–          Plumbing

–          Ventilation / Heating / Cooling

–          Drywall

–          Trim

–          Flooring

–          Cabinets

–          Countertops

–          Appliances

–          Hardware

–          Paint

modern kitchen with dark cabinets and a custom islandConsider everything that goes into a kitchen remodel

How to Create a Budget

The most important factor when creating a remodeling budget is that it works for you. Ensure the budget you choose doesn’t max out your savings – as with any big project there should be some room for flexibility, in case of unexpected expenses. If you’re unsure, talk to your designer about the options available to you.


Remodeling in Stages

If you’re not ready to commit to a full remodel all at once, you can still make great strides towards improving your kitchen, one step at a time. Consider breaking your kitchen remodel into stages:

–          Update with new lighting

–          Choose new cabinetry

–          Update paint or wallpaper

–          Upgrade with new flooring

–          Choose new appliances

Combining some tasks may reduce the cost of labor, but remodeling in stages will spread the overall cost over months or years.

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