This blog post will help you identify whether home remodeling vs renovation is right for you and your home. Know the terminology you need before you get started!

Are You Changing the Purpose of the Room?

If so, you’re planning a remodel. A remodel can involve changing a bathroom into a bedroom, an office into a nursery – any room into another with a different purpose. No matter how easy or difficult the change may be, if the change is there, it’s a remodel.

Renovation keeps it simple, focusing on updating the way the room looks – paint, new furniture, tile, and flooring. Improving the appearance of your bedroom, replacing old flooring in the living room – these projects count as renovations.

Will Wiring, Plumbing, and Ductwork be Necessary?

All of the above are usually reserved for when the structure of your home, or the purpose of a room, are being changed – indicating a remodel.
A renovation is unlikely to include any of the above.

Are You Building a New Addition?

Building a new addition involves all the kind of work that changing the purpose of a room might, and therefore falls into the category of remodeling.


Tips to Help you Decide: Renovation vs Remodel

A Remodel Will Cost More

Bear in mind that a remodel is more expensive than a renovation, due to all the additional work it most likely encompasses. This might include higher cost of the following:
– More materials, and higher quality materials, might be necessary
– A wider range of skilled labor might be necessary
– More time may go into the design process
– It is more likely to be possible to make use of DIY skills during a renovation
– It’s easier to make a better ROI when cosmetic details alone are updated.

A Remodel Can Transform Your Home

A remodel may be the more costly and extensive of the two, but when it comes to renovation vs remodel, a remodel is the best choice for changing the structure of your home to make it more livable. If you don’t agree with the layout of your home, a remodel is most likely necessary.

Remodels Nearly Always Require a Permit

Remodeling may require a little more time and planning, particularly in terms of getting a permit. While a renovation may also require one, it is much less likely.

You may also want to look into whether a remodel is permitted on your home – if our home is historic, a permit may not be granted.

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