Wallpaper is back in fashion and here to stay, with far more designs and styles to choose from than ever before. Read our tips below to get ready to wallpaper!


Prepare the Area

Ensuring you choose a smooth, clean surface is essential for wallpaper work. A wall or ceiling that is cracked or even intentionally textured is not an area that is ready to be wallpapered. Luckily, cracks can be filled and rough surfaces can be sanded. Clean the area before you begin and don’t forget to remove light fixtures and other items that might get in the way.


Choose From 3 Types of Wallpaper

Choosing the right type of wallpaper is another important step. There are three types of wallpaper to choose from:

  • Traditional wallpaper, which is held fast with glue
  • Wallpaper that is pre-glued – just add water
  • Removable wallpaper that can peel on and off


Choose a Timeless Pattern – or Make it Removable

Wallpaper has a much longer lifespan than you might initially realize, and with the time and effort involved in wallpapering your home, you may wish to stick to a timeless pattern that will endure the test of time.

One the other hand, wallpaper can add artistic flair and trendy style, and sticking to the traditional may be the last thing on your mind. If so, removable wallpaper will enable you to update your look as often as you’d like.


Wallpaper Ceilings Where Walls Won’t Work

Can I wallpaper the ceiling? Yes! In fact this is often a great way to make the most of your space. Sometimes wallpapering the ceiling just makes the most sense with the layout of the room. The ceiling is a sensible option when walls are difficult – whether this be due to kitchen cabinetry, shelving, or doors.


Think about Pattern and Color

Think about how the pattern and color of the wallpaper you choose will impact the look and feel of the room as a whole.

Dark colors might give your room a cozy feel, while light colors can make a room appear larger. Be careful not to clash if you have bold patterns planned for the ceiling as well as for other areas of the room.


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