There can be so much beauty found in juxtaposition – the simple art of contrasting one style with another. In this blog post we explore Scandinavian Farmhouse design, which combines rustic country charm with modern Scandinavian design and the simple minimalism associated with it.



Both Scandinavian design and farmhouse flair lend themselves to simplicity. The charm of farmhouse design and Scandinavian elegancy work perfectly together when everything is kept simple. Rid your home of clutter, and display only the essentials. Furniture and furnishings should be simple and carefully selected.

remodeled kitchen with dark wood island

Natural Materials

There’s nothing like a large wooden farmhouse table, or simple Scandinavian pottery. Natural materials like stone and wood work perfectly together for that farmhouse feel and add to Scandinavian design.

full gas range with traditional kitchen

Neutral Colors

Neutral, light and muted colors are a key design component for soft, understated Scandinavian design. Neutral colors give an air of modesty and simplicity. They also perfectly complement the theme of a humble, honest farmhouse home.

Natural Light

Scandinavian homes often experience darkness for parts of the year, so when natural light is available, it is appreciated and made use of. Choose large windows and glass sliding doors, particularly if your home has a view you love.

sitting room

Plants Inside and Out

Plants can perfect your living spaces. Leafy green plants are perfect for both farmhouse homes and to add Scandinavian style. Decorate with bunches of wildflowers for another design element that adds to both themes.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a trend that has been increasing in popularity and perfectly befits the Scandinavian theme, as opposed to large, heavy furniture that might give more of a classic farmhouse vibe. If you choose a furniture piece like this, pick your next piece in a farmhouse style, to balance out and complement the look.


Carpet is rarely used in Scandinavian homes, but big, beautiful rugs can add warmth to a room and fit perfectly with the farmhouse theme, and Scandinavian design.


Relaxed, simple furniture is ideal for both the rustic, casual farmhouse look and the minimalist Scandinavian style prioritizing comfort, practicality and simplicity. Think low-slung chairs, decorated with simple throws and cushions.

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