Staining and painting kitchen cabinets can add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen, and deciding whether to paint or stain cabinets can be an important remodeling decision. Luckily, there are many kitchen cabinet finishes to choose from. This blog post will help you learn more about the kitchen cabinet finishes available, what color kitchen cabinets are timeless and help you decide between staining and painting kitchen cabinets.



Staining Kitchen Cabinets

Staining kitchen cabinets is a great way to finish your cabinets if you love the natural color of the wood you have chosen. Wood stain finishes enhance your already beautiful wood. Results may vary when staining kitchen cabinets, as each piece of wood is unique. Wood stain finishes come in a range of colors, depending on how dark or light you’d like your cabinets to be. A rich wood stain can make the color of your wood more vibrant, and a clear wood stain can make the knots and character of your wood stand out. To create a timeless look that won’t easily go out of fashion, opt for a medium blonde or brunette wood stain.


Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can also be painted, using a paintbrush or roller. Painting kitchen cabinets is a perfect choice for wood you’re not so fond of, or for anyone looking for more colorful, vibrant cabinetry. Painting kitchen cabinets is an easy way to update your kitchen, without taking on a full remodel. If you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets yourself, don’t forget to sand your kitchen cabinets and use primer before you begin painting.


Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing high quality paint will make a difference to how your painted cabinets turn out. Choosing a paint that is durable is also important for painted kitchen cabinets that will be used daily. Here are some important points to consider when choosing the best paint for kitchen cabinets.

  • Semi-gloss, gloss or satin paint are all suitable for painting kitchen cabinets.
  • Satin finish paint is a relatively easy paint to work with.
  • Gloss paint is most reflective, followed by semi-gloss then satin paint.
  • Gloss and semi-gloss paint are easier to clean that satin paint, and are more durable.

Consider durability and reflectivity as well as color when choosing the best paint for kitchen cabinets.


What Color Kitchen Cabinets Are Timeless?

Choosing timeless kitchen cabinet colors can ensure your updated cabinets stand the test of time and are less likely to go noticeably out of fashion. But what color kitchen cabinets are timeless? White is one of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets. The perfection of clean white cabinets never goes out of style. Navy is another classic color for kitchen cabinets. A shade of the always popular navy blue is also Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020: PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue.

Longing to add a pop of color to your kitchen? Colorful cabinets may not be as timeless as neutral shades, but they can add character to your home, so don’t give up on colorful cabinets if this is a look you love!


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