You’ve almost finished decorating your home to fit your family’s style, habits and needs. But there’s just one problem: what should you do with that blank wall? A blank wall is an empty canvas, an opportunity to enhance your décor or add functionality to a room—and the options are almost unlimited. Here are ten ideas to help you fill that canvas.

  • Design a stylish accent wall to give your space high-end visual appeal.

Paint the wall a rich, complementary hue. For an extra boost, add bold stripes or create a grid pattern with wainscoting painted in the same color as the rest of the wall. Feeling adventurous? Cover the wall with distressed wood or a striking wallpaper pattern.

  • Take advantage of extra storage space.

Add built-in shelving to your wall to house your family’s books and treasures. In a living room or den, construct an oversized entertainment center. If you’re a wine connoisseur, show off your bottle collection on a decorative wall-mounted wine rack.

  • Create a museum atmosphere with a gallery wall.

Hang a selection of prints and family photos—or even one very large one. Choose pieces with a common theme or color palate and select frames of varying sizes. For a true salon feel, hang the art on picture rails or from moveable wires attached to wall-mounted racks.

  • Showcase your creative side with DIY art.

Partially dip everyday objects in bold paint colors to turn them into one-of-a-kind sculptures, or spray paint small objects or plants arranged on paper to create reverse-stencil artwork. Browse craft blogs for a nearly endless supply of more simple ideas.

  • Display objects or collections as art installations.

Hang a collection of interesting hats, baskets or decorative plates. Opt to fill the space with a repeating pattern of balls of twine or other small objects, or create an arrangement of larger items, like patterned metal radiator covers, intricate screens or salvaged shutters.

  • Brighten the room and create the illusion of extra space with mirrors.

Arrange an assortment of mismatched vintage mirrors or go for a cohesive look with mirrors in similarly colored frames. Prop an oversized mirror in an intricate frame against the wall, or set off a small decorative mirror mounted in the center of a larger one.

  • Add extra seating, especially in a small room.

Create a chic seating area with a pair of modern, streamlined chairs placed next to a low-profile glass table, or try flanking an ornate loveseat with candlestick sconces. Add a workspace to your den by installing a wall-mounted floating desk and a mini corkboard.

  • Change things up with an interactive art wall.

Transform your playroom wall into a blank art canvas with chalkboard paint and let your kids exercise their creative muscles again and again. Chalkboard paint is fun for grown-ups too; design your own changeable custom wallpaper patterns with chalk and stencils.

  • Put the writing on the wall with typographical art.

Use a stencil and paint (or removable washi tape) to inscribe the wall with your favorite inspirational quote. For a personalized touch, display your family members’ initials; arrange framed printed letters alongside 3D letters in various sizes, fonts and colors.

  • Remove the wall—or part of it.

Create a great room by knocking down a non-load-bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room. A more conservative option: cut niches for displaying decorative objects, or connect your rooms with geometric cutouts or a kitchen pass through or bar.

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