Gone are the days of the utilitarian bathroom. Today, these functional rooms are becoming more spa-like – a place where you want to spend more time. Interesting tile, dramatic vanities, and even bringing in tech are all some of the top bathroom remodel trends this year.

We are bringing together these trends and more in our new bathroom vignettes at our Naperville showroom. Plan your visit to see these trends in person and start designing the bathroom of your dreams.

Interesting Tiles

Use tile to create texture and interest within the bathroom, not only on the floors, but also along the walls.


  • Wood Tile: While actual hardwood floors in the bathroom can easily be ruined by water damage, a great alternative is tile floors that look just like wood. This flooring is lower maintenance, only requiring a basic cleaning
  • Tile Focal Points: Using tile, you can create an interesting focal point within the bathroom. In our showroom, we contrasted the dark shower with a white patterned tile stripe to create a visual interest.
  • Mismatch Tiles: Combine different styles of tile together to create an sense of texture. Pair a patterned black and white tile floor with white subway tile on the walls keeping in the monochromatic color palette.

Dramatic Vanities

With the vanity as one of the most-used and largest pieces in the bathroom, consider making it a focal point for the entire room.


  • Floating Vanities: Create a modern look while freeing up some valuable space by utilizing floating vanities. In our showroom, we placed two identical floating vanities next to one another to create the popular double vanity look in a new way.
  • Statement Piece: Use your vanity as a statement piece. Go bold with a daring dark color on a large piece of furniture for a showstopping look.  You can even fit a sink basin and fixture in an antique buffet table to create a unique piece.
  • Double Vanities: No more fighting over the single sink. Double vanities have long been a popular staple in the master bathroom. This trend is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.



Bring Tech to the Bathroom

Over the years, the house has become a more connected place and that trend is extending to the bathroom. Here are a few of the top tech trends we’ve seen:

  • Shower Speakers: That shower karaoke session is getting a bit more professional. Built-in, water-resistant speakers allow for surround sound while in the shower.
  • Warm Towels: Avoid the bulky towel warming rack and opt for a towel warming drawer. This innovated drawer keeps your towels toasty and organized at the same time.
  • No more steamy mirrors: Hopping out of the shower only to be confronted with a steamed-up mirror is a thing of the past with vanity mirrors that include built-in electric defoggers.

As the bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in your home, it should be a place that reflects your personal style while still remaining functional.

Considering a bathroom upgrade? Contact the professionals at Reliable Home Improvement to see how we can help transform your bathroom.

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