Don’t Let a Home Remodel Scare You Away

As the weather turns colder and scary stories are being told around a bonfire, don’t let your home remodel project be one of those scary stories. A home remodel should be an exciting time. You’ve decided to add value to your home and create a space that is uniquely your’s. At Reliable Home Improvement, our goal is your complete satisfaction. So let’s put you mind at ease from those remodeling nightmares and help you create your dream home.

We listen upfront

Many remodeling issues come from a lack of communication. Homeowners and contractors are not on the same page upfront, which only causes issues down the road. Before developing your project scope, we listen carefully to you. What are your pain points? Where are any potential issues? We’ll take careful, accurate measurements as well as photos to really understand the space we are working in.

We schedule in detail

One of the scariest home remodel aspects can be the schedule creep. While unforeseen circumstances can always derail a project, we prepare a detailed flow chart and coordinate trade and other materials to help ensure an on-time start and completion date. We’ll handle all elements we can control to keep the project on-time.

We communicate constantly

No worries about the case of the missing contractor with us. We are in constant communication with homeowners and team members. You’ll receive a Project Communication Book that helps explain the project plans and specifications. Through every phase of the project, you’ll interact with the team to ensure your satisfaction.

We get approval

All our projects are inspected by a Building Department Code Official. They will produce an Approved Inspection Report so you can be sure that your finished remodel is up to the highest standards.

We build to last

A Full Year Quality Assurance includes a 12-month satisfaction check-up as well as a site revisit to address any concerns you may have. We also offer a 6-month Home Owner Warranty service. On top of our service warranty, we provide product maintenance instructions so you can enjoy your new space for a long time.

We love our customers

Our customers are our biggest advocates. We love hearing from past customers who have taken the time to reach out and express how their new space is working out as well as hearing about any plans for upcoming projects. Read some of our customer testimonials.


Don’t let the horror stories scare you away – home remodels are an exciting time and with our expertise, even fun. At Reliable Home Improvement, we take every precaution to ensure your project is handled in a timely manner while producing a space you can be proud of. We’ll treat your home like our home. Contact Reliable today to start your remodel project. 

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