Updating Your “Spooky” Living Room

Tips to Turn Your Outdated Space Around

Massive entertainment centers, worn and stained carpeting, mini-blinds – the horror! An outdated living room from decades past is enough to make you scream. As we near Halloween, make it your time to change that “spooky” space into an area for entertainment and relaxation.

It only takes a few modern living room ideas to say goodbye to trends that have fallen by the wayside. Reliable Home Improvement has put together some great ideas to bring your living room up to date with contemporary concepts.

Do away with the tricks of old for a modern, chic treat! And trust us, with key updates to your living room, every ghoul and goblin in the neighborhood will want to sneak a peek at your new space.


Consider Your “Actual” Living Room Space

The entire concept of interior design has evolved since the 1980’s, 1990’s, and even the early 2000’s.  Rooms used to be largely compartmentalized inside of a home and while closed floor plans are becoming popular again, the trend to open up also remains highly sought after.

Do you have drop ceilings or non-loadbearing walls that could be removed in your living room? If so, an open floor plan may be your best choice for more room with family and friends. Determine how much “actual” space your living room will allow, and look into opening it up. Components like half walls, pillars, kitchenette windows, and other outdated measures can be discarded and you can utilize the added area to create an updated look and feel.


Use Outside Light to Your Advantage

There is nothing wrong with using color, but it shouldn’t be the main driver of “brightness” in your living room. Natural light can liven up any space and it is at the core of comfortability in a modern-day living room. If the space is dark and uninviting, consider adding or replacing your windows with larger units that let sunshine in. Outside light pairs beautifully with light tones like creams or tans. You can then add colorful pillows, blankets, shades, and fixtures to compliment the room with a personality that is warm and enjoyable.

living room with raised ceiling

Large windows are ever popular.

Keep it Basic for Your Décor

One of the most challenging questions we receive is “how do I decorate a modern living room?” The answer is to avoid overthinking. There is no need for extravagant wall art or an excessive number of decorative pieces.

Instead, start simple:

  • Choose a staple item like a timeless sofa or hang one or two paintings you truly enjoy and build your décor around those items.
  • Add a zest of flavor with a patterned rug.
  • Mismatch your furniture with an antique chair.
  • Place paneling on an accent wall or choose a traditional wallpaper for that extra touch.

Themes can also be useful, but don’t overdo it. A couple of items that give a nod to a beach or travel theme are the perfect way to give your modern living room a boost.

“Is Carpet in a Living Room Outdated?”

This is another commonly asked question, one that is harder to answer. Using carpet is a personal choice. It adds comfort, but is also hard to clean and attracts dirt. Carpet acts as a sound barrier but can look unpleasant after years of use.

There are so many options for living room flooring but here are a few facts to remember when making the decision:

  • Large area rugs can often provide noise suppression and comfort, while also looking great with solid floors.
  • Hardwood is sought after; it adds to your investment and can usually be sanded for re-staining.
  • Carpet adds another insulation layer and is warmer.
  • Prices vary, but carpet can cost less.
  • Composite, laminate, and vinyl flooring come in many varieties and can be great primary flooring materials, or used to compliment to wood.
  • Solid flooring is generally easier to keep clean.

Review samples of solid flooring and carpet for your living room to make the decision that is right for your needs. If you do choose carpet, we recommend going with a high-quality product that won’t soon be worn down.

Your Trusted Team for Living Room Improvement

Free your spirit by updating your living room and soon, your outdated space will be that of a ghost story. The team at Reliable Home Improvement has been family owned and operated since 1967, serving Chicagoland residents with all of their home addition and renovation needs. Are you looking for more ideas to renovate your living room? Talk with our team and tell us about your goals. We will provide you with the products and services to make your vision of a modern-day living room a reality. Get in touch with us today or receive more information by calling 630-579-6600.


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