As summer approaches each year, you might look forward to the start of another season of relaxation. But summer’s blazing sun, escalating temperatures and soaring humidity can be taxing on your home. That’s why it’s important to perform certain maintenance tasks to protect your investment before the weather heats up.

Power Washing

Give your home’s exterior a thorough washing with either a rented power washer or your garden hose. As you clean, be on the lookout for damage to your home’s exterior; repair loose siding, rotted wood, water stains and other signs of trouble as necessary. If you find cracks in the foundation, hire an experienced professional to fix them. A fresh coat of paint can also brighten your home’s exterior and protect it from the harsh sun.

Clean Windows and Doors

Your home’s windows and doors need similar treatment. Clean window and door surfaces as well as their tracks and hardware, and replace faulty weather stripping and caulk to help keep cool air indoors. This is also a good time to make sure that window and door hardware is secure and operational and that moving parts are properly lubricated and in safe working order.

The summer sun is especially hard on your home’s entry and garage doors, so pay particular attention to them. After you clean your entry and garage doors, help extend their lives—and their appearance—by protecting their surfaces. Steel doors can benefit from an annual application of liquid car wax, and wood and fiberglass doors should be regularly repainted or stained.

Inspect the roof

Your roof takes a beating from harsh weather year-round, so it’s a good idea to inspect it before the hot, sunny conditions have the chance to turn minor issues into large ones. Use binoculars to look for damaged or missing shingles and chimney deterioration, or consider hiring a professional to conduct a complete inspection. And don’t forget to make sure your gutters are clean, leak-free and properly connected.

This is also a good time to get ready for outdoor summer recreation. Repair loose or damaged boards on your deck or patio and, if the surface is dull, refinish the deck. Then check for cracks and uneven pavement on your driveway and walkways and reseal them if necessary. Prune trees to prevent damage to your house during summer storms and fill holes in your yard to avoid standing water that will attract mosquitoes.

Inspect HVAC system

Finally, make sure you’ll be able to escape the summer heat indoors. Have your air conditioning unit inspected early to avoid the summer rush and install fresh filters in your HVAC system. Also bring your portable fans out of storage and clean and tighten the blades on ceiling fans.

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