There’s no best time to remodel – like with any big decision, there will all ways be pros and cons to go ahead and to wait. But no matter what time of year it is, the results will be worth it!
In terms of cost and seasonal changes, the following guidelines can help you plan for remodeling success.

Winter Remodeling: January – March

Hiding away in the home that you have is often appealing through the long winter months. However, the outside cold doesn’t have to mean remodeling projects come to a standstill. Some projects, including home additions, can actually benefit from the cold. If you plan to hire contractors to dig a foundation or pour concrete footers, frozen ground is often preferable to muddy ground. Start in January to get ahead of the rainy springtime months.

A finished and remodeled basement
Many people are a little short on cash after the holiday season. If you’d like to get started on a remodeling project in the new year, plan out a budget before the holidays. This way, you know you’ll still be able to meet your financial goals. Additionally, you’ll be able to make the home remodeling choices that are right for you when the new year comes around.

Spring Remodeling: April – June

In the Midwest, spring is seen as one of the very best times to initiate a remodeling project. The weather is neither too hot not too cold. So if you’re looking to create a home addition, build a sunroom, or replace your windows, April through June may have the best temperatures for these tasks. Some tasks, like building a deck, will require hand digging, so choosing a slightly warmer season where the ground is soft will benefit this process.

However, the downside to choosing spring for your remodel is that most contractors are busy.  So you’ll have to plan and book ahead to get the contractor you want. Due to being such a popular time for remodeling, you’re also less likely to find a great deal in terms of cost.

Summer Remodeling: July – September

July through September can bring uncomfortably hot temperatures and humidity.  However, the summer months are perfect for countless indoor remodeling projects. Looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? Now’s the time! Particularly if you have summer vacations plans or have a summer home to spend time in.  What could be more perfect than coming back to a better home than the one you left?

Winter Remodeling: October – December

October is actually an ideal time to start various remodeling projects. The weather is often neither too hot nor too cold. If you don’t have big plans for the holidays, it’s certainly a good time to consider a remodel, and you might find that the contractor you want finally has more availability.

However, if you’re used to hosting big family gatherings or longing to spend the winter holidays in a cozy home without any disruption, you may want to hold off until the New Year. Discuss the time-frame of your remodeling project with your contractor if you’re at all concerned about time, to ensure your expectations are realistic and you won’t be disappointed.


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