As summer approaches, it’s time to make sure your home is lighter and brighter. But how can you design to bring home those summer vibes? Read our latest post for some easy update ideas.

Welcome in Sunlight

If you’re lucky enough to have big, wide windows, let the sun shine in! If you’re remodeling or adding a room addition, large windows should certainly be a design consideration for anyone with a preference for a bright and airy home.  The cleanliness of you windows can also make a difference – schedule a window wash and you might be surprised how much difference it makes.

Adding natural light can instantly make a room brighter.

White Paint or Pastel Paint

One inexpensive and easy way to make a big difference to the feel of your home is the paintwork. Painting your walls white or pastel shades can make a huge difference to how light and bright your home will look.

Gray and white bathroom

Instantly brighten an area with a high gloss white paint.

Simple Furniture

Avoid oversized or bulky furniture in a light and airy room. Simple, light furniture can add a gentler air to your overall look and encourage that summery feel.

Simple furniture can create much needed extra space.

Go Minimalist

A clean, minimal look is key to creating a light, bright and airy home. Declutter and your room will instantly feel bigger and brighter. Limit decorative items, make use of storage, and only have your favorite home accessories on display.

Avoid clutter by adding closed storage.

Sheer Curtains

Avoid thick, heavy curtains and materials in your light, summery room. Choose sheer curtains that allow light to enter the room through them, unless you are designing a bedroom.


Decorate with Plants

Plants can bring a fresh, summery feel to your home. Green leaves and colorful flowers can bring a touch of color to an otherwise white room. Tropical plants can add a vacation feel, and cut flowers can add to countless styles depending on what sort of flowers you choose. Whether you want to add sophisticated flair, a happy-go lucky charm or, boho-chic style to your home, there’s a flower that can help you achieve this look.


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