A remodeling consultation is the first step to getting your project off the ground! This important step can help you choose or confirm which contractor is right for you and your project, and get an idea of scope, budget, and what to expect with the resources you have. Read on for more detail on what to expect from your consultation and how to prepare.

What Will My Consultation Include?

The most important consideration when scheduling a consultation is to gain a clear insight as to what your consultation will include. Find out whether there is a charge for initial consultation – this may vary company to company depending on how in depth the consultation you receive is.

Also ensure you understand what to expect from the meeting – is it a telephone call? A home meeting? Will designs be included at this stage?

Visit a Showroom

If your remodeling team owns a showroom, consider taking a visit. This is one way to gather ideas and get a better feel for the company you will be working with, along with reading testimonials and viewing pictures of past projects.

sitting room in front of wine cellar in finished basement

Pictures of past projects can help with design inspiration

Decide on Budget and Scope

Decide on a budget ahead of time and be prepared to discuss your budget and the scope of your project during your initial consultation. A clear budget is necessary to ensure your designer makes suggestions that are financially accessible to you, and to ensure that you feel confident that the decisions you are making are affordable for you. When deciding on a budget, be sure to allow for some flexibility, as unexpected expenses are sometimes unavoidable.

Discuss Wants and Needs

Discuss what you’re looking for in a remodel, and what your current home lacks. What things about your current home cause frustration, and how can your home be enhanced? Which details are nice to have, and which are necessities?

Home Visit

If your initial consultation was a telephone call or showroom meeting, a home visit will likely come next. This is an important part of the design process as its where your designer can really get an idea of what they can do for you.

The home visit gives your designer the opportunity to see the layout of your home, the layout of your plumbing and electrics, and look at the possibility of moving or knocking down walls, taking into account structural concerns.  They may also want to take measurements. The more thorough the home visit, the more likely your team will come back with an accurate estimate for their work.

Choosing Samples

Part of the consultation process may include viewing and choosing from product samples. Some smaller items can be selected online thanks to modern technology and detailed photography. However, try and see larger items like flooring in person, for example at a showroom, or a physical sample brought in by your design team, to ensure colors match and expectations are met.

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