The kitchen is often seen as a space for adults to prepare food, drink wine and socialize. But the kitchen really can be the heart of the home, and a space for your children to enjoy time with you as well.  But how can you make the kitchen safe and appealing to children? These simple design ideas make creating a child-friendly kitchen space easy.

Include Low Cabinets for Healthy Snacks

Make sure at least one of your cabinets is low down and in reach of children. You might wish to keep the majority of food out of reach, but keeping a few healthy snacks lower down may prevent hungry children from climbing up on cabinets. You could also consider an under the counter fridge – with milk, water and carrot sticks for snacking.

custom fitted cabinets around refrigeratorUse low drawers for healthy snacks


Help Kids Get Involved

Having a lower cabinet space for storing dishes means kids can get involved when it comes to tidying up and putting everything away after meal times. If you can make helping in the kitchen fun, you’ll get to spend more time with your kids and teach them at an early age that everyone takes part in household chores.

Design with Distinct Areas in Mind

If you love to watch your kids play and chat to them while cooking or doing the dishes, design your kitchen with a distinct sitting and relaxation area, for drawing and play, and a separate work area, for you to chop and prepare food out of harm’s way.

Consider a Center Island

As above, allocating a designating spot for kids to sit and play is a great way to ensure quality time is spent in the kitchen. A kitchen island is the perfect place for kids to sit together while dinner is prepared.

modern gray kitchen with large island

A center island is perfect for work and play

Don’t Underestimate the Size of Small Stomachs

If you’re a new parent, or looking to have more children, prepare for needing extra space, extra seating and a larger fridge as your children grow up. You’ll also need plenty of storage space!

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