You have decided you want to remodel your kitchen… now what?

The kitchen can be one of the most difficult rooms in the house to remodel. It is used for many different purposes, obviously as a place to cook, but often times kitchens are the gathering spot in the home. You want your kitchen to be functional but also reflect your personal style. The amount of decisions you’ll make can be extremely overwhelming.

We’ll guide you through how to start your kitchen remodel project on the right foot.

Set Those Goals

With every remodeling project, the first place to start is to document your goals for the space. What exactly is the outcome you want with this kitchen remodel. Is it to create a more functional cooking space? Increase the size to an eat-in kitchen? Open it up to flow better with the rest of the house?

Go through your typical daily activities in the kitchen. How do you want those activities to play out in the remodeled space? Do you need a better work triangle to prepare your family dinners? How about an island with seating for your family at breakfast?

After you have identified your major goals for the kitchen remodel, it is time to prioritize those goals. This prioritized list will help you determine what your major needs are and what items may be pushed to a project down the road.

Think of your major pain points in a kitchen to help determine your goals. Maybe it’s adding more storage space.

Start to Create a Budget

Now that you have a rough idea of what you want your kitchen to do for you, you can start to budget for your project. Start to visit showrooms to get an idea of materials, costs, and trends. Compile the materials that would make up your “dream kitchen”. Then hit that dream list with a dose of reality by associating prices to those materials. This will help you create a more realistic kitchen for your budget but still will have your “dream kitchen” feel.

Stick to your budget by selecting a couple different options for materials like appliances, countertops, tile, and flooring. This will help to cover for any unexpected or unforeseen expenses. By creating these two options upfront, you’ll be less likely to submit costly change orders down the line.

Materials can blow a budget quickly. Selecting two different options will help to keep you on budget.


Finally, contact the professionals at Reliable Home Improvement to get your kitchen remodel off to a great start.

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