If your basement is dark and dingy, and only storing the Christmas decorations, you are missing out on valuable square footage in your home. Finishing a basement can be an extremely worthwhile investment. Not only do you add square footage to the home, but also add valuable living space beyond just a storage area.

Finishing a basement can be a tricky remodeling project, however. Reliable Home Improvement provides some top tips for making this formerly dark and uninviting area into a great living space.

Make Sure it’s Dry

One of the top issues with basements is flooding and mold. With pipes and plumbing equipment often stored in basements, this can start to really be an issue. Not to mention, the water that can potentially come into the house via below-grade walls and the foundation.

Make sure you check the basement for any water issues first before renovating the basement. Look for cracks in the foundation, pools of water, or any drips through walls.

Additionally, installing a vapor barrier between the walls and the floors can help to keep the dampness out.

Keeping the basement dry is critical to avoid mold, especially if you have a bathroom in the basement.

Keep it Up to Code

Many municipalities and cities have different building codes and regulations for basements. Typically, basements need to have a minimum ceiling height of 84 inches above the floor.

Also, if you have bedrooms in the basement, you’ll need to plan for windows that are at least 20 inches wide and 24 inches high. These windows also cannot be higher than 44 inches off the ground to ensure someone can escape through the window during an emergency.

Not only do egress windows provide a safety aspect, they also create needed natural light in basements.

Keep your Utilities Clear

When renovating your basement, make sure that you keep your utilities, such as the HVAC unit and water heater, open, clear, and unfinished.

These units need to be able to be easily accessed for repairs or reinstallations.

Finishing a basement can provide valuable living space and monetary value to the home. Contact the professionals at Reliable Home Improvement to start your basement remodeling project today.

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