The start of a new year is a time for excitement in so many ways, but for the designers here at Reliable Home Improvement, one aspect we enjoy the most is to research, anticipate and share the forecast for remodeling trends.

If you have an interest in design or are considering remodeling your home, popular trends are bound to influence your ideas and help guide you towards a design that’s right for you. Read on for some of the trends we predict will be big next year and beyond.

Dark, Rich and Moody Kitchens

While a perfect white kitchen is a timeless classic, in 2019 we’re set to move further away from this look, towards darker colors in particular. Already, a dark blue kitchen has become a look to envy. Think grays, greens and other rich moody tones as alternative options.

Darker cabinets can create a dramatic statement in the kitchen.

Spanish and Moroccan Tiles

If there’s one way to easily bring beauty, color and vibrancy to any room it’s through Spanish and Moroccan tile. Create a focal point, a beautiful backsplash, or detailing on a specific area of floor or wall to draw the eye and create a statement look. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways, this is one look we love throughout the home.

Statement Appliances

In 2019, expect your usually-subtle appliances to stand out! Stainless steel fridges will start to become a thing of the past, think bold designs and loud patterns. Brightly colored stoves – from pastel shades to primary colors – are also ready to bring a design twist to your kitchen.

Keep it Hygge

You may have seen our recent post about hygge home design. This Scandinavian concept of comfort, coziness and contentment is reflected through clutter-free, minimalist design that will continue to prove popular over the coming year. Think shelves instead of cabinets, and concise design.

Warm cozy spaces help to keep inline with hygge.


With the industrial style continuing its popularity, concrete will become common around the home. Consider concrete flooring, countertops and backsplashes for an inexpensive, durable option for an industrial kitchen look.

Two-Tone Cabinets

Two tone cabinets will be another popular kitchen design element throughout 2019. Consider picking two colors that complement each other, and use one color for the lower cabinets and another for the upper cabinets. Also consider choosing matte finishes – matte will be an increasingly popular choice for next year.

Contrasting cabinets can create a unique look for your kitchen.


The coming year brings a whole host of new design ideas to try, and we can’t wait to help create them! Can’t pick your favorite style? Juxtaposing design elements is in – so pick more than one to love.  From smart kitchens to quartz counter tops, there will be something for everyone next year.


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