6 Quick & Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Ideas

A fresh, newly remodeled bathroom is something many of us would love to add to our holiday wish list. But, while you’re waiting for that gift giver to come forward, there are many easy ways to brighten your bathroom without committing to a full remodel. Express your inner designer and read on for easy, inexpensive ideas that will make your bathroom feel like new.

Handles and Hardware

In many instances, making a room something special is all down to the details. Take a look at the handles, shower curtain rod and hardware in your bathroom. Could you replace those drawer knobs with something ornate and unique? Replace the weeping shower rod with a glowing gold beauty? Giving time and attention to details can create a look that speaks of elegance and sophistication.

Updating hardware can be a quick way to refresh your bathroom.

Custom Frames

Another easy detail to upgrade in your bathroom are the frames. Upgrading frames for wall art can make it pop. Upgrading the frame around your mirror can make it an outstanding feature, and help you feel extra special when you see your reflection surrounded by a shining frame you love.  There are countless frame styles to choose from, whether you prefer a rustic look, traditional elegance or a bold, modern design.

Fresh Paint

Never underestimate how much difference a fresh coat of paint can make. Paint the whole room, or try a bold new feature wall. You could also paint smaller details – add color to the window trim or vanity frame and make a big impact. If you’re happy to paint regularly, you can follow seasonal trends or pick the color of the moment – if you love it now, enjoy it, and paint again later. Olive green, pale pink, mustard yellow and pale gray are all popular home interior colors this year.

A bright, light blue can create a fresh looking space.

Removable Wallpaper

Gone are the days when new wallpaper meant a major overhaul. Removable wallpaper comes in all kinds of beautiful patterns and shades. Simply peel and stick for a whole new look! Removable wallpaper is also another great option for a feature wall.

Declutter with Containers

Upgrading your containers and creating more storage space can help you declutter and freshen up your bathroom. Consider wicker baskets, glass canisters, and open shelving to display your new containers.

Utilizing baskets for under the sink storage can declutter your bathroom for more space.

Freshen up Your Linens

Fresh, new linens can also make a difference to how you feel about relaxing in your bathroom. Think of cozy new towels to enjoy all winter long, or stunning, floor length drapes to bring elegance and flair to your windows.


At Reliable Home Improvement we have plenty of ideas to craft the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today to speak to a designer and discuss your home improvement goals.

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